Ray Felton the Straw That Stirs the Knicks Drink

Updated: December 3, 2012

After Off Year, Point Guard Has a Chip On Shoulder

NEW YORK, (BASN)— – He was drafted behind both Chris Paul and Deron Williams in the 2005 NBA Draft out of the University of North Carolina (5th overall). That year however, Ray Felton did something that neither Paul nor Williams was able to do; and that was won the NCAA Championship. Since then in the NBA, both Paul and Williams have surpassed Felton as perennial All-stars and Olympians representing the USA. Albeit Felton was jobbed out of an All-star selectee in 2010 while with Knicks when he averaged 17 points and 9 assists. That selection went to then Atlanta Hawks guard, Joe Johnson.

But, that doesn’t say Felton isn’t as talented a guard in the NBA. And it most certainly doesn’t tell the tale as to what’s in his heart. “He’s our engine,” future Hall-of-Fame guard Jason Kidd said recently. “He makes us go. We are able to feed off of Ray’s energy.” Indeed (at press time) the Knicks are rolling with an 11-4 and share tops in the Atlantic Division with cross-town rival Brooklyn Nets.

There have been a few glitches in Felton’s quest to regain his superb status as the lead guard for the Knicks this season. For one, there was the teams dreadful drumming by the Houston Rockets who now sport former Knicks icon, Jeremy Lin. Although Lin didn’t have a real impact on that game (Chandler Parsons and James Harden crushed the Boys from Gotham), and Ray didn’t have a particularly bad game, it was underneath it all, Ray’s team verses Lin’s team.

Then there was the humbling 3 for 19 shooting game against the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclay Center in which the Knicks lost, 96-89 in overtime. The game overall was fantastic with a lot of intensity, but Ray had a terrible game from what he was accustomed to playing.

However, there has been marked improvement with the Knicks in all facets; especially at point guard. “This isn’t to diminish the job that our point guards did for us last year, but I love the group, led by Raymond Felton and J-Kidd. Pablo Prigioni can play too.” And it the team continues, Linsanity will be a distant memory.

Jerald L. Hoover

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