Celts and Nets Brawling and Mauling

Updated: December 1, 2012
BOSTON, MA. (BASN)—-Celtics came into the game against the Trailblazers knowing that they needed to find out what life without Rondo this season would be and they found out that this team has the players that can step up when it matters the most. Jeff Green was very aggressive with 19 points in 23 minutes and made sure that his presence was in the building as he was clicking on all cylinders. The Celtics showed a lot of heart and fight as they had this game by the end of the first quarter they could of started Gino Time at the end of the 3rd quarter if they really wanted too. The Celtics were in cruise control as Courtney Lee,Jason Terry and Barbosa  filled the void of who can replace Rondo for the game don’t get me wrong they can’t put up crazy assist numbers like Rondo but, all they have to do is make sure that there turnovers are down and they get the ball to KG or Pierce at their sweet spots on the court. The Celtics won tonight 96-78 in a dominate manner and look to do the same against the Bucks as that will be the second game of Rondo’s suspension. (See Video)

Boston Celtics

Head Coach Doc Rivers

Re team responding: “It was good.  I mean, obviously it’s one game and it was great.  Our defense was fantastic.  We did a couple things different, trapping, it was great.  And then the ball movement was terrific as well in the first half.  I thought, second half was, you know how that goes with the score, but overall I just like our focus and how we approached the game.”


Re Courtney Lee: “Courtney was great.  You could see Courtney is getting better and better at what we’re asking him to do.  He’s bought in completely, which you can see that.  His shots will fall.  I feel like him, with Avery (Bradley) last year, where I kept telling you guys ‘Avery can shoot’ and you guys were looking at me like I was a Martian.  And then he started making them.  And Courtney is proving he can.  He’s getting wide open ones, and eventually they’ll fall.”


“We just basically played through the bigs.  We took all the pressure off the guards; all they had to do is bring it up and then throw it to Kevin (Garnett) at the elbow or Jared (Sullinger) at the elbow and then cut and move.  That way there’s no dribbling; it was easier for them that way.  And that’s what I meant before the game when I said I told everybody he’s going to be the point guard.  Basically what I was saying: our bigs were the point guards today.”


Re was this the best transition game of the year: “Yeah, but we got a lot of stops, too.  They were shooting twenty-whatever percent, so, you really should have a lot of transition buckets and we did advance the pass, which is what we were looking for.”


Re Jeff Green: “We’ve just got to keep doing it.  One game, it was great.  What we’re trying to get him to see is when he’s at the three he’s a power player; when he’s at the four he’s a speed player.  And that’s how he has to look at himself.  And our guys did a good job of getting him the ball as well.”


How he handled things after Wednesday: “Well, I didn’t do anything.  I mean, we went pretty hard yesterday for short and we actually went hard today for the shoot-around.  Because we’ve got to get our culture right in that way.  And we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re getting better.  You can see it, for sure.”


Re defense: “We trapped pick-and-rolls, which we don’t do much anymore.  We’re bringing it back, because I think it’s coming back.  So we did that and our guys stayed with it.  Usually we show and get out.  We just decided, you know, (Damian) Lillard is terrific but he’s a rookie and young, and probably hadn’t seen a lot of traps that stayed with the ball.  And basically that’s what we did.”


Courtney Lee

Playing well defensively early “Yeah definitely after that loss last game, we wanted to come out and just focus on the defensive end make sure we got stops. Make sure we didn’t give up any easy buckets and so I think we started off and threw the first punch.”


Stepping up in Rondos absence “Yeah I mean that’s what you gotta do. Rondo is a great playmaker, the guy’s gonna rack up a lot of assists, so we just have to play within the offense, move the ball around, and you see the assists were spread out throughout the whole team. Without him we had to move the ball a lot more.”

Paul Pierce

“It made things easier on our offense to come out and play the way we did and cause turnovers. Then we were able to get out in transition. Guys ran…got easy opportunities. When we come out and set the tone defensively like we did tonight, that’s the kind of team that we are.”


Ball movement “It’s a combination of guys, so Doc wanted us to be aggressive. He wanted us to move the ball and make the extra passes and I thought we did a good job of that most of the night. We could’ve toned down our turnovers, but I think we will be better tomorrow. It’s tough, we’re used to playing with Rondo and he makes a lot of our plays. We’ll get better and better.”


Courtney and Jeff “Courtney he really ran the floor well. Defensively he did a good job on his man, He’s out there getting 4 or 5 assists tonight, he just shows you flashes of what he’s capable of.  Jeff is running the break, getting easy opportunities for himself. He’s one of the fastest guys out there…when he’s able to use that length.”


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