Chevelle Hallback

By By Tom Donelson, BASN Boxing writer
Updated: August 5, 2012

IOWA CITY, IOWA—Chevelle Hallback is the female version of the road warrior, Glen Johnson. Look at her record and what you’ll see is a fighter who fought some of the best in the business in their backyard. Myriam Lamare, Cecillia Braekhus, and Holly Holm are elite fighters that Hallback fought on the road and she has lost crucia close decisions to home town fighters. Glen Johnson’s own career had many disappointments before he knocked out Roy Jones and he maintained elite status long past 40. Hallback is now 40 but she is also a trim fit athlete, consistently in shape.

Boxing writer and Hallback’s publicist Amy Green noted about her friend that Hallback stays in shape. “She does it right and is always ready,” Green told me, “And she takes care of her body.”

She defeated her upcoming opponent, Victoria Cisernos, in their first fight that was closer on the score card than it was in the ring but as usual, Hallback was fighting in Cisernos’ backyard and that was least worth a round or two for Cisernos . Their upcoming fight will be for the intern WIBA Woman International Boxing Associate light welterweight title and this time, the fight is being held on a neutral site in New York.

Hallback has many goals and one of them is being on HBO. Why HBO? “No female fighter has headlined a fight on HBO and why not me,” she told me. Her view is that the one cable network most identify with boxing ever feature a woman match as a co-feature or simply the main event will enhance women’s boxing. Amy Green noted, “For many of us who have followed boxing for a long time still view HBO as the main show.” She added that Showtime through their Strikeforce MMA have featured women fighters and certainly many of their recent boxing matches have been comparable, If not better than what is being seen on HBO, but it doesn’t shake her view that HBO is the holy grail for women boxer. She added, “It is about money and whether the person can bring fans to the seats and added viewership,” Green stated “HBO will only be interested in women boxing if it can be shown that it will bring big numbers.” Green added that to closet to women being on HBO was when Laila Ali was given a brief mention for a fight that she participated in an undercard fight that was not seen. Green quipped, “Jim Lampley did not pronounce her opponent name correct.”

Hallback mentioned that another goal is to fight rematches with some of the elite fighters like Holly Holm and Myriam Lamare. When I asked, what chance she could entice Holly Holm to leave New Mexico for a bout and her answer was that of a business woman, “Why should she leave? She makes big money and fights in front of big crowd and there are very few venues that can match what they do in New Mexico.” She would like to fight Holm on a neutral site but as long as Holm can make more money in New Mexico ; why fight elsewhere? Amy Green views a Lamare-Hallback a good fight and added that it was competitive the first time and on neutral site would benefit Hallback as oppose to fighting Lamare in Lamore’s home country of France.

Hallback goes in this upcoming fight as the favorite but she mention, “I don’t take her lightly and I am prepared for this fight.” A Hallback win would put her position into another major bout with one of the other elite fighter and the question, would they might be willing to fight her on neutral site. Hallback may be 40 but father time has not caught up and she is hoping this victory would get her closer to her goals; including being on HBO. Glen Johnson got better in his career as he approached 40.

Hallback maybe will be one of those fighters who will maintain elite status long after others have retired just as Glen Johnson did. Johnson was still competitive with the best until his last bout and Hallback is similar in that she is still competitive with the best at the age of 40. Most boxers have left the sport before they reach 40, but Chevelle has goals left to accomplish and she will fight father time to obtain them.