By Eric D.Graham
Updated: May 16, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—1. Do you like the Clippers Nick Young?

Yes, I like Nick Young but he can shoot you in or out of the game.

2. Who is your favorite Black coach?

The LA Clippers Vinny Del NEGRO!!

3. Are the San Antonio Spurs too old?

No, the San Antonio Spurs are too boring.

4. Who will be the No.1 pick in the NBA Draft this season?

The No.1 draft pick will be Anthony Davis. And, the No.2 pick will be his eyebrows.

5. Do you like the NY Knicks head coach Mike Woodson?

I love Mike Woodson. Besides, he has a voice like the rapper Tone LOC. WILD THANG!!!!

6. Do you like the Anti-Gay commercial produced by the NBA?

No, I hate the NBA’s “anti-gay” commercial because my favorite player is the Memphis Grizzlies Rudy Gay.


7. What kind of sneakers does Blake Griffin wear?

Blake Griffin doesn’t wear sneakers. He wears flip-flops!!!

8. Do you think Kevin Garnett looks too old?

No, Kevin Garnett does not look too old. But, Deion Sanders looks really old, especially with that straggly gray beard.

9. Should Michael Jordan hire Patrick Ewing as the new Bobcats’ head coach?

Yes!! Besides, Jordan needs to give Ewing an opportunity to win a NBA championship since he prevented him from winning one as a player.

10. Should a backup quarterback have a press conference?

No way!! But, a first string punt protector can…


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