By Eric D.Grahram, BASN Columnistt
Updated: March 2, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)—There is no more Mister bad guy.

LBJ has cautiously taken off his Darth Vader mask.

But despite that, he is still deadly.

This season, however, James has decided to kill them with kindness.

As a result, he is smiling more. Plus, he has apologized to the fans of Cleveland for the “Decision” and even suggested that he might return to the Cavaliers later in his career.

Yes, that playful personality that once danced and joked on the bench in Ohio is back.

Honestly, in the company of others, he is still a king amongst men. But, many sports writers feel his regular season greatness means nothing if his playoff performance is lackluster.

In other words, it’s championship or bust -for the self-appointed King.

But with so much pressure to win, will he eventually burst into tears like Chris Posh did before fainting in the tunnel on the way to the locker room after the stunning lost to the Dallas Mavericks last year in the NBA Finals?

Yes, we all remember that unforgettable scene like it was yesterday.

But, some people, feel Lebron, secretly holds himself responsible for that shocking lost.

James’s poor playoff performance, in fact, forced the “Would-Be” King to go into seclusion, where he questioned his greatness during the offseason.

For some odd reason, James seems to have been penalized by the basketball gods for outplaying his opponents during the regular season. As a result, during the playoffs, they curse him as the clock counts down to zero, which leads him to magically disappear in the 4th quarter.

Despite James’s disappearing act during the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals, he has bounced back beautifully for the first half of this shorten NBA season by putting up MVP-type numbers.

James, unbelievably is scoring 27.7 ppg, 8.2 rpg and 6.8 assists per game this season, which have many sports writers comparing him to the NBA legend Oscar Robertson.

By putting up stats like these, people believed psychologically James had conquered his fear of the fourth quarter.

But before we could dismiss the anxiety disorder diagnosis, our favorite, finger-nail biting baller was haunted by the ghost of playoff past once again during the NBA All-Star game in Orlando, Florida last Sunday.

Before his last second mental lapse reoccurred, however, James appeared to have his “swagger back” as he danced with confidence to Meek Mill’s “I’m a boss” instrumental during the introduction of the starting line for 2012 Eastern Conference All-Stars, where Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose watched with disgust.

With all the smothering smoke and bumping music, the scene was reminisce of last season’s famous Miami Heat pre-championship celebration with Lebron, D.Wade and Chris Posh on stage, where James predicted multiple championships.

Throughout most of the All-Star contest, James was simply amazing. And showed the world, why many consider him the best basketball player in the world.

He thrilled the cheering crowd in Orlando with high-flying dunks, no look passes, alley-hoops, fade away jumpers and an array of three pointers

Despite his 36 point performance, James, who was the main reason for the East’s 21 point deficit comeback, seemed terrorized with the game on the line and unexplainably tossed the ball out of his hand as if it was a hand grenade.

LBJ’s cross-court pass was so horrible it forced superstar Kobe Bryant, who suffered a mild concussion and a broken nose during the game, to reportedly yell “What’s wrong with you? Shoot the fucking ball” as a dejected and depressed Lebron lumbered back to the bench with his head down.

Personally, I think Lebron needs to stop watching so much Sports Center and stop browsing blogs, which condemn him and not celebrate him. I think all of the negative comments and criticism actually hurt James and affects to way he plays on the court during crunch-time.

This is one reason, in my opinion, other than genetics, that the young brilliant baller his going bald.

The stress of succeeding and the fear of failure has forced this superstar to surrender when under fire.

But, James is too good to let something so small and insufficient to effect is game.

Shockingly, while being interviewed by TNT’s Chris Sager, James, who had 36 points, while hitting (6 out of 9) 3-pointers, which tied an All-Star record, revealed his sensitivity and vulnerability about his last second turnover.

As good as I was down the stretch, I had a key turnover.” James confessed.

“I am not happy about that. I’ll get over with it. Hopefully, I am not going to watch any highlights. I can’t make turnovers like that. I feel like I let my teammates down.”

Despite Lebron blatant honesty, if he isn’t careful, opponents will eventually take advantage of his weakness to finish in the fourth.

With that said, maybe, all the rumors, of him, befriending Tim Tebow, in order, to obtain some of his fourth quarter magic, his true.

Because, during the crunch time, Lebron still looks like a moth, who flies too close to the flames.

Seriously, Lebron must come to grips with his performance anxiety by developing a form of athletic amnesia, which is commonly practiced by NFL cornerbacks after giving up a big touchdown pass.

Psychologically, if James doesn’t do this, his faith, along with the Miami Heat, could end up like the English fairy tale character Humpty Dumpty.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again.[1]

Note: Last night LeBron James had 25 points and 13 rebounds the Miami Heat lost last night 93-83 to the Los Angeles, Lakers