By Eric D.Graham
Updated: March 2, 2012

1. Do you watch PTI on ESPN?

Yes, I watch Pardon the Interruption on ESPN but I don’t like when Michael Wilburn calls me a Knuckle Head.

2.Who is the best Spud Webb or Nate Robinson?

Spud Webb. Why? Because, Spud Webb wouldn’t have missed 10 dunks in a row, in order to make just one.

3. What is your definition of a heat check?

David Stern putting his finger in Dwyane Wade’s is the definition of a heat check!!!

4. Did you see Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino’s white suit against Syracuse?

Yeah, Pitino looked clean but he is really dirty.

5. Who are you going to vote for in 2012?

I don’t know. I really don’t trust politicans. Besides, they are all wolves in sheep’s clothing, anyway.

6. Do you really think Chad OchoCinco is going to marry Evelyn from Basketball Wives?

Chad needs to worry about playing football and less time worrying about a reality shows. Because, if the New England Patriots cut him. Evelyn will divorce him and ask for half of his money after she finds out he is cheating on her. Now, that’s the real reality.

7. Did you see the Miami Heat vs. the New York Knicks?

Yes, I saw it. And the Heat put an end to the Lin-sanity.

8. What are the two famous families won another Super Bowl ring this year?

The Mannings and the Bradshaws

9. Where do you get all of your sports information from?

Rob Lowe, who else? Besides, he has the inside scoop.

10. What NBA Team needs Allen Iverson?

The Los Angeles Lakers. It would be perfect. Iverson and Kobe on the same team, now, that’s must see T.V. Besides, Kobe could pay Iverson with the cash out of his pocket, if the Lakers’ management refuses to make the deal.

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