New Jersey Nets Taking a Chance on Move to New York

By Jerald Levon Hoover BASN Staff Writer
Updated: February 20, 2012

Does Jay Z know a REAL good Public Relations guy?

Does Jay Z know a REAL good Public Relations guy?

NEW JERSEY ( BASN) – What’s going to happen with the franchise (New Jersey Nets) if they fail to secure All-Star center Dwight Howard from Orlando in a trade? What’s going to happen if they fail to keep another All-Star, point guard Deron Williams? Who is going to be their fan base? And when we mentioned fan base, we aren’t talking about diehard fans that show up to see LeBron, Kobe, Carmelo, Dirk or Durant. Diehard fans in the framework of season ticket holders that are there when the Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats, Sacrament Kings are in town on a dreary and snowy Wednesday night in the middle of February.

One of the main problems with the move to Brooklyn from New Jersey is moving into the New York Knicks’ backyard. Brooklyn loves the Knicks even in bad times; the Knicks are beloved as a matter of fact in all of the 5 Boroughs. Just look at their season ticket fan base. The Knicks like the New York Yankees do not want for fans to come and see them play. When you’re a staple in the city, community or state even there’s no removing like that. And if there is a tradition of some kind and the product has been embedded in families throughout generations, it become virtually impossible to supplant.

So if you’re the Nets, why take that chance? Especially when the area by which their moving their operation to didn’t want them there in the first place. Take the Seattle Supersonics for instance, their fan base fought tooth and nail for them to stay in the area and to not become the Oklahoma City Thunder. The fans lost that battle as we know but just recently Seattle has announced plans for a new sports arena. And once that arena is built (or even well before) they will be looking to secure another NBA franchise.

The difference between Seattle and Brooklyn is one city clamors for an NBA team and the other city dreaded the very existence of one. Now, if you’re the Nets and you lack star power and with the Knicks on the verge as so it seems to become possible championship contenders, how will you survive?

Some people wonder why the Nets wouldn’t just try to make use of the Prudential Center and the surrounding areas to build upon and solidify a fan base. It would take work, but that work may be a lot easier than toiling in the Knicks’ backyard.

Legendary, Hall of Fame center, Patrick Ewing has intimated how the Nets will have their work cut out for them. He also mentioned how hard it was for the Nets fans to drown out Knicks fans in their own arena in New Jersey when the Knicks played there.

It will be interesting to see, especially after the first year, honeymoon, novelty, newness wears off. Maybe a slew of Jay Z and other’s concerts will offset things. But, one thing is for certain, Madison Square Garden isn’t going anywhere, any time soon.

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