By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: February 1, 2012

1. Do you think Los Angeles Lakers Pau Gasol was wrong for rubbing Los Angeles Clippers Chris Paul on the head?

Yes, that was so disrespectful. What does Pau Gasol think Chris Paul is…his child or his dog. Besides, everybody knows you don’t pet a Black man on the head.

2. Is Chris Posh the new Batman in South Beach?

No, Chris Posh is not the new Batman of South Beach. He is the new Catwoman of South Beach.

3. Whose the Jack-ass the kicker or the coach who froze him?

The Coach, who froze him

4. What college are you going to when you graduate?

Ball So Hard University, where else?

5. Is Newt Gingrich going to win the Republican primaries?

Yes, Newt Gingrich is going to win the Republican primaries because he should get all the swinger votes.

6. Are you going to watch the Pro Bowl?

No, I rather watch the Senior Bowl instead.

7. Should the United States force Mitt Romney to pay his taxes?

Of course, they made Wesley Snipes pay his…..

8. Did you hear that the NFL is going to allow players to tweet on the sideline during the Pro Bowl?

Yes, I heard this and the NFL should thank New England Patriots Chad OchoCinco for the idea. Why? Because, this is just another example of a Black man’s idea being stolen by the establishment….

9. Should Vince Carter still be called Half-man/Half-Amazing?

No, Vince Carter should not be called Half-man/Half-Amazing anymore because he can’t jump over a candlestick with those bad knees.

10. What’s harder to do going (16-0) or going (0-16)?

That’s an easy question. Going 16-0, ask the Green Bay Packers?