TIm Thomas; When Cowards Get Courage . . . .

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: January 26, 2012

DENVER, CO. (BASN)Don’t you find it rather, let us say predictable angry White America seems to be going ballistic? Are you surprised gun n’ ammo sales are through the roof? Who’s shocked the inherently privileged-slice of the American pie, that collection of angry, self-proclaimed Real Americans – from good ol’ boys to aristocrats . . . have become so-very hostile, rude vociferous and boisterous under, dig this Obama’s Black reign of terror. I do. It’s all-so anticipated and extremely expect able. As we speak . . . The NHL’s Tim Thomas has mustered the courage to flip-off this particular President’s traditional invite of “Champions” to the Black House. the reigning champions, the Boston Bruins were hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama as the past season’s Stanley Cup winners. Notably absent from the event was Bruins goaltender Thomas, one of only two Americans on the squad. Thomas, noted for his TEA Party political views, declined to accept the White House’s invitation to attend, and later posted on his Facebook page an explanation that read in part: “I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People. This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers’ vision for the Federal government.” It’s amusing, in a pre-teen like manner these cat’s have, after decades of political indifference, awaken and become politically astute . . .And why? Because a Black man resides the oval office . . . the sky is fallin’!

By slighting this President, , standing in oppsosition to this president-in-particular Thomas is being depicted as Captain America by his fellow Rightwing nuts, unbelievable, being against this President makes you a patriot . . . ?

Yes you know who I’m talking about, the angry White folks behind the abandonment and economic betrayal of America; who’s White Flight drives this nation’s segregated housing patterns – deliberately isolating n’ insulating themselves, creating these elusive residential bastions of TEA Party Puritan purity . . . away from the rift-raft, the America’s-of-Color. Yes there are at least 2 or 3 America’s within America. I find their All-American over-the-top outrage and political grand-standing to be hypocritical and all-too predictable. C’mon, screaming at this nation’s sitting President, calling him a Welfare President, belittling and demeaning his wife, her femininity, suggesting Black kids should aspire to work as school janitors, reviving the dreaded “Welfare Queen” . . . it’s highly telling how Black America, the deliberately secluded, desolated bastion of . . . Blackness has had to endure the disrespectful, scornfully abusive and need I say so-very contemptible as to be offensive comments which endlessly peculate out of so many White people’s mouths. For many moons now the media has presented political pundent’s jaded observations depicting Black women as, pick one; overly-accommodating Aunt Jeremiah mammies, penis-crazed rump-shakin’ ho’s, animated cartoon-type razor-tongued smart-ass “Sap-hires” and moral-less “baby-making machines” who spend their entire lives on food stamps living in government housing . . . . Least I forget “Nappy-Headed Hoes” and “angry Black bitches” After all which has said to and about Black folks, I’ve a question for White people . . . . Can we ever go back? Back to the pre-Obama days when White folks bent-over backwards damn- near, pretending there was not a single racist bone in their bodies? Please . . . you guys must recall when every White person you knew tossed out the “I don’t see race” line like a fly fisherman on the Colorado River. Ahhh, yes, the good ol’ days when White folks pretended to like Black people. Well, not any more. The present-day disdain and continued mistreatment of Black Americans is a given noting the historical treatment of everyday White folks: from the empirical inception of the US – the land lords against the land-less, Plantation owners and ranchers monopolizing resources and profits, and on to the Robberbarons of the industrial era. We’ve seen the blue blooded descendants of kings, lords and Fat-cats attempt to pimp n’ exploit the little people . Herbert Hoover’s dismissal of the depths of the Great Depression to this nation’s rich opposing FDR’s New Deal, to the same elitist folks fighting the GI bill after WW!! – which went on to help build this nation’s fabled “middle class, ” so today it’s no secret the Top-Tier, the now-titled “Investor Class” has no sympathy for the poor and little empathy for working class White folks. Now consider America’s poor are overwhelmingly . . . of color, and few could dive a damn. Today, right here n’ now the US is a land knee-deep in tribalism, a culturally split nation composed primarily of people-of-color – the descendants of those victimized, colonized, conquered, once enslaved and damn-near deliberately exterminated – and let’s be clear here, the so-called “good, decent, Honorable baby-Jesus lovin ” White folks have been on-the-run since 1954 with the inception of half-ass meek, weak, mild racial integration, . . . Walk n’ talk with me now; the same WASP Establishment harbors hate for everybody who ain’t White with a penis. Greed, racism, classism and sexism – the basic, Neanderthal elements of this country which drive White hate. What Tim Thomas is screaming out at the world . . . I am not mt brother’s keeper. We are all not in this together. I got mine . .. by any means required – you get yours, you’re on your own. just win baby win. All that glitters is gold. All for one, one for all . . . yeah sure, as long as everybody in that scenario is White, male and somewhat wealthy or powerful. See all that “American nationalism” and brotherhood hype fit, but once White men had to start sharing with everybody, from the FDR era on and once the civil right’s movement started we’ve seen the Archie Bunker base of America withdraw those lofty standards for everybody. Schools represent the beginning of the American pipe-dream, and the raw reality is; in rural and suburban areas, schools are fine, and the more money they’ve got – the better their test scores and college admission numbers.The failure of the US education system is at cancerous levels in Black and Brown areas, and the less money they’ve got the worst their “misery factor” is.Their graduation options; Wal-Mart, US Army, San Quentin Prison or Boot Hill. . . . The safety net, the brother n’ sisterhood seems to be failing most for those who Plymouth Rock fell on 400 years ago, not the off-spring of those who stepped-off the Mayflower . . . And I’m so-sorry – I don’t find that to be coincidental nor happenstance. Instead the current “outcome” we see now across America – the situation we live in is highly foretell-able – like heat in Hell . . . . As predictable . . . Mr. Thomas finding the guts to stand-up n’ speak out . . . has everything to do with President Obama – the Black man who allegedly stole the country via his fanatical followers stuffing the ballot boxes . . . who hates America and is a Muslim terrorist. while his new found gumption has very little to do with the wars Big George W. n’ Little Dick Cheney threw this nation into, or the domestic economic mess they created here at home. No he’s pissed. inflammable and combustible – because his country has been taken over by “undesirables.” Please ladies and gentlemen, let’s tell it like it really, really, really is. This nation’s upcoming political election season will be a tale of White men, “their” women – as in personal possessions pitting themselves against . . . everybody else. They’re on their own, and I truly believe that’s how they want it. TEAM. Together Everybody Accomplishes More, gee that mind-set only applies in the minds of TEA Party folks, the rank n’ file Rednecks – if everybody is White.