Knicks Vie to Make a Point This Season

By Jerald Levon Hoover BASN Staff Writer
Updated: December 17, 2011

Jamal Crawford, man on a mi$$ion

Jamal Crawford, man on a mi$$ion

NEW YORK (BASN)—The Knicks started the free agent period with a huge bang with the acquisition of Tyson Chandler but since then they have been spurn by two possible key components. Former Knicks played the role as the “prettiest girl in the school being chased by all the star athletes”. Crawford knew full well that he wouldn’t take that 2.5 million dollar contract from the Knicks when he had 2 other clubs offering double that amount. There’s a sense that athletes like the courtship just at much as the cashing of a check.

Perhaps with Crawford it was a sense of ‘payback’ with the way the Knicks traded him away just 11 games into the 2008 season for future (LeBron James) cap space. So this was a way to pull the Knicks in and drive up the interest of other clubs and also have his name featured in NY run newspaper and internet stories.

And in the midst of the romancing of Crawford, super sub and reclamation project, Shawne (Extra E) Williams who was working out diligently in New York begin to feel jilted. So much so, the New Jersey Nets swooped in and offered him more money, more minutes and a chance to score more points.

Perhaps that too was a measure of revenge from the Nets as they became second place finishers to the Knicks on, Chandler and Carmelo Anthony last year. And although Williams doesn’t come close to the measure of those aforementioned players there still is a feeling of, “gotcha” when counting up the cost.

There are a couple of players that the Knicks are looking at that were amnestied: Baron Davis, late of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Travis Outlaw of the New Jersey Nets. If Outlaw isn’t bid upon by teams under the cap and Baron’s back heals up, both could bring something special to the Knicks. Davis is an offensive juggernaut as well as a deft passer. Davis made Blake Griffin look better quicker (when he ran the point for the Clippers before he was traded to the Cavaliers for Mo Williams) than if he had a more inexperienced guard controlling the offense. Outlaw at 6-foot-9 is an long and freakishly athletic. Although not the post defender and shooter as Williams is, he can more than make up for the loss in other ways.

Time will tell how this all plays out, but the Knicks should be (barring injury) far better than they were last season.

KNICK KNOTES: The Knicks played their first NBA preseason game since the dreaded lockout against cross river rival New Jersey Nets. They not only won the game (92-83), played in New Jersey but their 2 rookies, Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrelson played well. Shumpert who was explosive at times finished with 16 points while Harrelson aka Jorts finished with an impressive 7 points.