By Eric D.Graham
Updated: September 21, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)—1. The Green Bay Packers have won 13 straight opening games.

2. Last year, the Carolina Panthers finished (2 and 14) and (0 and 6) in the NFC South.

3. After 13 seasons in the NFL, wide receiver Randy Moss retired.

4. There are 52 million people living in poverty in Mexico according to the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy.

5. While playing for the Washington Redskins, Albert Hanesworth played in only 20 games and made only 6.5 sacks.

6. Donovan McNabb threw for only 39 yards in the Minnesota Vikings lost to the San Diego Chargers.

7. NY Giants QB Eli Manning threw 25 interceptions last year.

8. WR Nick Toons has 109 receptions and 1,575 yards along with 87 touchdown in his career at the University of Wisconsin.

9. There were 118, 804 people in attendence for the Norte Dame versus Michigan game last Saturday.

10. Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo is 1-6 in his last 7 games.