By Eric D.Graham BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 13, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)—1. What do you want to tell Stephen A.Smith?


2. Have you tried the new flavor of ice cream at Baskins &Robbins?

Hell no, there is no way I am ordering two scoops of “sweaty balls.”

3. Why do you watch TMZ!!

I like the one Black girl on the show.

4. Do you like to watch the NCAA or the NFL?

It really doesn’t matter, both of them are getting paid.

5. Did you see Norte Dame’s head coach cursing on the sidelines?

No, I did not see Norte Dame’s head coach cursing, but I heard him loud and clear.

6. Have you ever had a cramp?

Yes. I got a cramp in my big toe and I cried like a little baby.

7. Do you know who Jeff Saturday is?

Yes. Jeff Saturday plays for the Indianapolis Colts. But honestly, I think he should change his name to Jeff Sunday. He does play theNFL, you know.

8. Do you think Cam Newton is a smart quarterback?

Yes. I think Cam Newton is a smart quarterback. But I think, those glasses he wears during interviews are stupid.

9. Who is the best team in Alabama? Auburn or Alabama?

Auburn is still No.1.

10. If Peyton Manning does not play this year, what will happen to the Indianapolis Colts?

If Peyton Manning does not play this year, the Indianapolis Colts will turn into the Baltimore Colts.

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