By Eric D.Graham
Updated: August 10, 2011

North Carolina (BASN) 1. Chad OchoCinco (Patriots)

If Chad Johnson can kill his alter ego Chad OchoCinco, he could potentially end up wearing a yellow jacket in the Football Hall of Fame and win a Super Bowl ring. Now, you can tweet that.

2. Donovan McNabb (Vikings)

After a horrible season in Washington, McNabb has his swagger back, this time in Minnesota. With McNabb and Adrian Peterson in the backfield, this could be an explosive offense. Minnesota fans have forgotten about Bret Favre already.

3. Albert Hanesworth (Patriots)

He is too big to be sorry. Fat Albert is now a Patriot. Opposing backfields beware.

4. NNamdi Asonmugha (Eagles)

Defense wins championships. And NNamdi Asumugha is a lockdown corner. So is, Asante Samuel and D.R. Cromertie. The Eagles look like they can shut down the pass, but can they stop the run.

5. Kevin Kolb (Cardinals)

The Arizona Cardinals needed a quarterback. But can Kevin Kolb deliver as if he was Kurt Warner? Larry Fitzgerald is anxiously waiting.

6. Reggie Bush (Miami)

He is a Heisman Trophy Winner. A Super Bowl Winner. And now, like Lebron James, he has taken his talents to South Beach. There may be another reason to party in Miami.

7. Plaxico Burress (Jets)

After two years in prison for shooting himself, Plax is back in New York. But not with the Giants. This year, he is a member of the New York Jets.

8. Zach Miller, Sidney Rice and Tarvaris Jackson (Seahawks)

Are the Seahawks, the new Eagles?

9. Vince Young (Eagles)

The “city of Brotherly Love” has embraced Vince Young as their backup (QB). If Vick, who has a history of getting injured, goes down in the regular season, the Eagles offense won’t miss a beat with Young under center. That’s wishful thinking.

10. Braylon Edwards (49ers)

Braylon Edwards joins Michael Crabtree in San Francisco. It isn’t Jerry Rice and Dwight Clark, but it is a start for a struggling offensive unit.

11. Marion Barber & Roy Williams (Bears)

These former Cowboys have something to prove and the Chicago Bears need all the help they can against the defending Super Bowl Champion, the Green Bay Packers

12. Ronnie Brown (Eagles)

Ronnie Brown is just another weapon on a team nicknamed the new “Dream Team” by Vince Young.