Lundy wins a big one

Updated: August 20, 2011

Hank Lundy

Hank Lundy

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)—The main event featured Grady Brewer, the upset maker versus prospect Demetrius Andrade but the first fight between David Diaz and Hank Lundy showed why ESPN Friday night fights had a great year in 2011.

Diaz, a former champ and a Chicago favorite, challenged prospect Lundy who just last year lost to John Molina by knockout. Diaz was the favorite among the Chicago fans who traveled across state lines to Hammond, Indiana and Lundy found himself the underdog in a hostile land. In an unusual twists, both fighters were southpaw but Lundy did try an orthodox stance on occasion to confuse Diaz but it did not work in the early rounds.

Diaz attacked with ferocity from the very beginning and had the advantage over the first four rounds. While Lundy had the quicker hands but Diaz trapped Lundy on the ropes continuously and got the better of the exchanges.

Fourth round saw Diaz at his best as he pounded Lundy from the very beginning of the round as he nailed Lundy with combinations including uppercuts and rights. Lundy attempted to fight back but Diaz simply nailed him with solid shots. One of those upper cuts sent Lundy down and memories of his loss to Molina must have flashed back. When Lundy beat the count, Diaz went for the kill but he couldn’t finish Lundy off.

With thirty seconds left, Lundy managed to strike back and kept himself in the fight. There are times that prospects must make decision to become contenders or simply move into the rank of pretenders and Lundy moved to contender status as he not only survived a rough round but he managed to turn the fight around when it looked bleak.

In the fifth round, Lundy connected on some solid shots and took advantage of his hand speed. Diaz slowed down from his efforts in the fourth but he kept the pressure on Lundy but now Lundy was standing up to the pressure.

At the beginning of the sixth round, Diaz did what he did for the first five rounds, attack. He unleashed a left jab but Lundy nailed Diaz with a right over the left that sent Diaz down. Lundy stopped Diaz with a one punch and put himself in position to challenge for a title. Diaz proved to be a warrior like he always had but in this fight, he showed that at 35, his best was behind him.

Hollywood star Vince Vaughn came to the arena as he was part owner of a couple of fighters including Ghana born Yakubu Amidu who knocked out Marvin Tucker with a series of right hand in the third round. So on this night, Hollywood and boxing merged.

For the main event, the veteran Grady Brewer challenged the undefeated prospect Demetrius Andrade and many boxing fans remember the lesson Brewer gave to Fernando Guerrero when he stopped Guerrero in four rounds in his last fight.

On this night, Andrade used his speed and athletic skills to out box Brewer. Brewer strategy was two fold, first being to get Andrade in the later rounds and the second being to institute bull rushes to rattle the younger fighter. Brewer did manage to get Andrade into the late rounds but Andrade controlled the real estate between the two with his jab. Andrade threw more jabs than Brewer threw punches and when Brewer attack with his bull rushes, Andrade acted the part of matador by mostly avoiding the attacks and countering with quick short punches.

Brewer was never in trouble but then he never got Andrade in trouble as Andrade simply did what he wanted in the ring and won an easy decision. Andrade took that needed steps that prospects needed to do, win against a tough veteran and he did it easily.

Both Lundy and Andrade showed that they are ready to move up in competition as they took on challenges and won. Lundy victory was the more impressive since he was fighting a former world champion in the champ’s back yard and faced adversity. Lundy adapted, Lundy overcame, Lundy won.