Weekend boxing report

Updated: July 17, 2011

Delvin Rodriquez and Pawel Wolak

Delvin Rodriquez and Pawel Wolak

IOWA CITY, IOWA—In a rock em, sock em type of a fight in which the action was non-stop, Delvin Rodriquez and Pawel Wolak went toe to toe while fans simply cheered. Wolak is one of those high pressure fighters who come forward with evil intentions and Rodriquez loves his uppercut that snaps back the head of on rushing attackers like Wolak.

True to script, Wolak attacked the body of Rodriquez while Rodriquez used his patented uppercuts and combinations to counterattack the onrushing Wolak. By the fourth round, Wolak’s eyes showed the effect of eating many of those uppercuts as his eyes started to swell.

The fight ended up a majority draw in a fight that was probably accurately scored. It was nice to see a fight that looked like what happened in the ring actually happened on the scorecard as neither fighter showed any inclination to disagree with the final decision. This was a fight that saw ebb and flows for both fighters and neither truly got the better of the other.

The fall out from the Erislandy Lara-Paul Williams fight continues as the New Jersey board suspended all of the judges, forcing the judges to defend their scoring in a meeting. After finding their explanations unsatisfactory, the board insisted that before judging any more fights, they had to undergo further training. Mr. Williams won a highly controversial decision in a fight that most observers viewed an easy Lara victory. New Jersey also recommended a rematch but that is only if Williams chooses to fight Lara again and if there is enough money to ensure Williams would consider a rematch. My own suspicion is that Williams may look at the film and decide that fighting Lara a second time would be a suicidal career move.

In England Tyson Fury will be fighting British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Dereck Chisora next week. Why this fight matters is that the winner will be on the Wladimir Klitschko short list for heavyweight contender and Mr. Fury would also like to beat up David Haye as well since as he puts it, to show Klitschko that he is the real deal and maybe make up for the embarrassment that Haye provided British fans as he simply stunk against Klitschko after basically taunting Wladimir for a year. Big mouth did not produce a big fight.

Of course, Chisora is also looking to fight Klitschko and a victory will ensure his place in line. Chisora had been scheduled twice to fight for the title only to see injuries derail the matches. And if Fury loves to talk like Haye, Chisora loves to fight and next week, his dream of a title could be one fight closer.

Alexander Povetkin is ready to fight to former WBA Ruslan Chagaev and a victory could also put him in the Wladimir Klitschko sweepstake. Povetkin had a chance a couple of years ago to fight Klitschko but his trainer, Teddy Atlas did not declare him ready but now he is fighting for the WBA title while Klitschko will be rewarded with a WBA Super championship, which I guess means he is the super duper WBA Champion whereas the winner of the Povetkin will be merely the champion. There are times that boxing resembles Professional wrestling with more titles to be handed out than fighters to fight for them. WBA figured the only way that either Povetkin or Chagaev can get a title if they create one for them. Plus, the WBA gets to collect another sanctioning fee for a fight that resembles an elimination fight as oppose to a real championship fight.