Straight . . . No Chaser: Obama and D. Smith . . . They’ve Too Much Power For Two Negroes

By Dezi Cortez BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 21, 2011

DENVER, CO. President Obama and NFL players Union Head, DeMaurice Smith harkin me back to yesteryear, to that 1970′s Blaxeplotation flick “
Buck n’ the Preacher” which was much more, let’s say rustic and rural, in addition to it brought a level of class to the screen not often scene during this era which produced “The Legend Of Nigger Charley” staring the original Hammer, Kansas City Chief Fred Williams. Recall Sidney Poiteir was a Buffalo Soldier turned trail-guild, armed with two custom-crafted sawed-off double-barrel shotgun pistols, Belafonte, a bible totin’ character who carried a 45 revolver . . . tucked neatly into the good book These two men took on the Rednecks and won . . . kinda like Smith n the President. I like the movie . . . the good guys, in Black, won.
President Obama

President Obama

I don’t believe everybody in the room is aware of what’s playing out before our very eyes, i.e., the symbolic value of two Black men, Smith and Obama doing battle, scoring punches, swaying the crowd in their favor . . . all this paints a picture where both wings of the “Right,” both the Archie Bunker Redneck brigade and the Thurston Howell III Aristocratic branch are alarmed and shaken by the impending doom.
Obama stands on the verge of splitting/destroying the Republican Tea Party, pitting fat-cats against Rednecks against Patriots against religious fruitcakes. Mr Smith has out-maneuvered/out-flanked and out thunk one of the most elitist cartels in the world . . . the NFL owners. And doing it while under a constant, endless, un-relentless attack from an supposed non-bias press corps and fan base. Mr Smith, like president Obama, has been demonized, his character and intelligence denigrated, his tactics ridiculed and this criticism has come from yes, believe it or not – the NFL fans and sportswriters – these individuals have employed abusive, venomous language, which I’m sorry, merely reflects the bitter deep-seated ill-will the average, everyday Republican Tea Party sports fans has bottled-up inside related to Blacks . . . who don’t know their place. .Regardless most of these writers and fans hail from families which fit into the category of “White trash”, i.e. working class, blue-collar White folks, 3 to 4 paychecks removed from homelessness. I’m mystified and horrified how these “wanna bees” can betray organized labor and blindly defend these NFL aristocratic plantation owner .because of some mythical company line about shouldering all the risk. Risk?! We’re talkin ’bout risk? Risk? RiskRisk man, really – where’s the risk in joining a country club, where a “has-been” franchise like the Dallas Cowboys are valued at over 1 billion? ..And these owners are twisting the arms of more-than- willing local political pimps to have the taxpayers (white people) foot the bill via taxes to construct elaborate gridiron cathedrals to attract the fanatics. And the players are the bad guys here, really? The problem here; Angry White men don’t have the ability to put Black folks back in that inferior, subordinate box that they locked us in for 3 and a half centuries. and it frustrates them. You can see it on their faces on FOX News, you can hear it in their voices on AM Hate Radio, and you can feel it in their words throughout the print media, AOL, USA Today, ESPN, SI Let’s be brutally blunt; Race mixing, integration has been the nightmare White guys feared an half-century ago; once the playing field was moderately leveled – this myth of natural White superiority, this make- believe monopoly on brains, guts and brawn which was shoved-down every-ones throat since 1609 . . . all that jive-ass BS has been eradicated, laid to rest. But akin to the 5% White South African Minority which refused to concede the end of a twisted and upside down inverted era of apartheid – angry envious white sports writers refuse to give black men their proper respect, refuse to admit their father’s 1957 racism still lives on in their 2011 heart, and White men have problems and issues accepting Black folks in lead alpha human positions. Policemen, doctor, teacher, President, airline pilot, NFL quarterback, fireman, Union president . . . it’s just something about a Black man doing well which intimidates and aggravates some.] For instance; did you know Darren Sharper was a product/graduate of William & Mary, as in college, not parents? OK, nor did you know Donaven McNabb was married, McNabb and his college sweetheart, Raquel Ann, an nurse, were married in June 2003, They’ve four children, and McNabb got his sheepskin from Syracuse . . . and sits on the board of Trustees . . . despite his Wonderlick score. I watch a lot of NFL football, I’ve got the Direct TV package, Red Zone, I sit on the toilet digesting food and pigskin info – it is my “Days of our Lives” or “Worlds biggest loser” – I’m addicted to the NFL an male soap opera. With that on the table, let me tell you exactly “why” little positive tid-bits like these are not really known – there not mentioned or written about because they contradict the angry White Americans ingrained perception of Black Americans, not only Black gladiators, but all of us Caucasians of all persuasions – sports writers and fans just don’t believe, accept nor want to hear about good, decent, ordinary Black folks – the overwhelming law-abiding vast majority of Blacks in the NFL, NBA, living in Detroit or LA, working in Chicago, the Big Apple . . . .No instead they’d rather focus in on the negative in order to paint n’ taint an entire race. The motivation behind slighting Blacks? No, not a feeling of White superiority, but rather a sense of inferiority, which I’d suggest fuels the envy and paranoia, which prompts the constant attacks. It’s not that very different then the Cosby Show, it wasn’t just Black folks who thought the show was far too idealistic, it was White America, who deemed it unrealistic if not impossible. That’s insulting in all kinda’ ways. It’s interesting how the sports press transformation from male cheerleaders to Elliot Ness coincides with the racial integration of America’s national pastimes . . . “get the niggers.” I enhance the truth little, if any. Now here-in lies the hypocrisy, the two-faced element of it all; just as the media refuses to report on Black Americans in 360 degrees, the news-gathers will run with Michele Bauchman’s characterization that all the jig-a-boos n’ high n’ might Coons are rollin’ “round the capital in streeetch limos, doing god knows what to some little innocent snow flake intern in the back of those sex-mobiles, as they will promote her contention Black farmers were never wronged and don’t deserve compensation for decades of discrimination, and the same press sought to cover her narrow-ass when she minimized slavey by demeaning the Black family. Bauchman is Paul Revere with a vagina . . . she’s the true patriot come to warn the good , decent folk . . . “The Niggers are comin’! The Niggers are comin!” Obama, D. Smith, McNabb and Sharper , go on down the list – these men represent the uppity nigger poster-boys that “Real Americans” in this nation fears just like they fear gangsters and thugs. There’s no real difference – the Black man is a threat whether he’s a Eagle Scout or a bank robber. Successful Black folks are a threat to privileged White America’s monopoly on options n’ choices, the decision making power held tightly by angry White dudes.. Think about it; From America’s well heeled investor class on-up there appears to be no hint of “team work” or the adage “All for one, One for all!,” nor, “I am my brothers keeper!” These folks on top seem to harbor few qualms about exporting bread-winner gigs – the foundation of the American Dream overseas in-order to pimp n’ exploit desperate workers there, in order to gorge us here, us – the US, the Little people who’re here fighting over crumbs, all but a couple steeps from poverty, only one more Republican President away from 1932 and Grapes of Wrath type conditions. Role models for the Black masses – happily married Black men, wife, two n’ half kids, that’s the last thing the top 5% of this nation wants to see, the last thing! That’s tragically the last thing the rank n’ file rednecks want to see; a Black or Brown man successful, financially stable and secure; they see it as coming at their expense. Instead of recognizing there’s more then enough for us all if the top 3% is stopped from taking half of everything. Team . . . The Tea Baggers cant spell “team.” Together Everybody Accomplishes More.