One prospect wins, another loses

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 23, 2011

Joseph Elegele

Joseph Elegele

IOWA CITY, IOWA—(BASN)Joseph Elegele came into his contest undefeated and untested but the question remained, could Aaron Martinez provide that test?

Martinez was training in the gym when he got word that Elegele needed an opponent so he was ready physically but he found himself fighting a southpaw.

In the first round, Elegele spent most of the first round boxing but by the end of the first round, Martinez trapped Elegele on the rope and in a round that he might have been losing, Martinez nailed Elegele with a right that sent him down. Saved by the bell, Elegele barely made it back to his corner.

At the start of the second round, Martinez dispensed with boxing skills and turned the fight into a brawl as he got inside of Elegele. Midway through the second round, Elegele turned the fight back into a boxing match as Martinez tried to snap rights from a distance.

Martinez got cut due to a head butt.

Elegele came out of the third round jabbing but while he appeared to control the real estate but his punches had little effect and many of his punches missed.

Martinez, bleeding from his left eye, did very little offensively.

Elegele punches started to become more accurate as he started to hit some solid body shots but in the middle of the fifth round, Martinez managed to get inside briefly to connect on some rights. Over the last thirty seconds, Martinez managed to nail Elegele with a short right for his best punch in many rounds.

In a seventh round dominated by Elegele jab, Martinez right hand sent Elegele reeling over the final thirty seconds and this time Elegele stayed on his feet and managed to be elusive enough to make it into the eighth round.

Martinez hurt Elegele with another right at the beginning of the eighth round but a massive head butt open up a massive cut; leading to a stoppage and putting the fight results into the hands of the judges. Aaron Martinez won the decision by snapping the more powerful punches.

Anthony Dirrell biggest opponent was cancer, which he survived but now he was ready to move up the Super Middleweight ladder as he fought Saint Louis veteran Kevin Engel. Dirrell showed his hand speed in the first round as he connected on swift accurate punches as Engel could never seem to get off. By the end of the first round, Engel left eye was swelling as results of those combinations.

At beginning of the second round, Dirrell left-right combination sent Engel down and as Engel got off the canvas; he got nailed with another shot that sent his mouthpiece across the ring. Dirrell nailed Engel with a shot to the groin but the unfortunately for Engel, the referee did not call it a low blow. Engel was unable to continue and while he got the short end of that particulear decision; it was obvious that he was not going to win. The controversial low blow ended the fight prematurely but it wasn’t like it was going to get any easier for Engel. Dirrell looked sharp but against Engel, it is hard to truly judge Dirrell since Engel was overmatched.

In the first bout, Joseph Elegele showed that he much to learn whereas Dirrell looked like a prospect who could turn into a contender. Finally for those who missed it, Antonio Tarver defeated Danny Green in a cruiserweight bout. Tarver traveled to Australia and took a break from his Showtime gig to fight for Green’s IBO championship bout plus he stopped a man, who had never been stopped. Tarver, who appears to have given up his heavyweight dreams, is now looking to unite the cruiserweight division.