Friday fight sees Evans coming out Party

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: July 9, 2011

Yaundale Evans

Yaundale Evans

IOWA CITY, IOWA—Undefeated prospects Yaundale Evans fought eleven year veteran Emmanuel Lucero for his introduction to a national audience on the most recent ESPN Friday night fights. In the first round, an Evans right hook sent Lucero down and Lucero crawled back up in survival mode. Evans attacked with ferocity to win the fight in the opening stanza as Lucero moved to avoid the onslaught.

In the second round, Evans continued to nail Lucero with solid shots while Lucero attempted to intimidate the young fighter by rough tactics but this failed as Evans sent an off balanced Lucero down at the end of the round. Two rounds saw two knockdowns as Evans looked ready for his step up.

Lucero came out swinging in the third round but Evans nailed Lucero with an uppercut that lifted Lucero’s head up. Evans continued his assault over the last thirty seconds as straight lefts sent Lucero’s head spinning.

Over the next two rounds, Evans continued to win rounds but he did little body work and he went for knock out, giving up some of his advantages while Lucero spent those rounds in survival mode. In the sixth round, Lucero went down a third time from a left uppercut as Lucero leaned in to throw his own punch. An Evans left followed by right hook to the body sent Lucero down for the final time as Evans won his fifteen fight in a row.

Francisco Sierra took on Jesus Gonzalez in the main event. Sierra came in overweight for the bout so the question for Gonzalez; would this be hindrance or advantage if your opponent came in overweight? Is it a case of a bigger natural big man or out of shape fighter? As for Sierra, he came into this bout not only overweight but he came into this fight on short notice and he had very little chance to prepare for the southpaw Gonzalez.

Sierra connected on the first big blow of the bout in the second round as Gonzalez ran into a Sierra’s right hand. Near the end of the second round, Gonzalez connected on a solid left from his southpaw. At the end of the third round, both men threw punches from close quarters as Gonzalez nailed Sierra with some short solid shots in a round that began with Sierra scoring effectively from the outside.

In the opening minutes of the fourth round, Gonzalez sent Sierra down with a solid body shots and from there Sierra was in survival mode as he attempted to get air into a body wracked by body shots. By the end of round, Sierra connected on some solid shots to get back in the round.

In the fifth round, Sierra fought on the outside to recover from the previous round and he nailed Gonzalez with a right hand in the last fifteen seconds to send Gonzalez down The only thing that saved Gonzalez was time running out before the bell rang.

Gonzalez boxed at the beginning of the sixth round and managed to score on a body shots but with Sierra winded, Gonzalez did not pursue in a all out matter as he was still recovering from the previous round knockdown. In the seventh round, Gonzalez had a chance in the middle of the round to pound the body in a close round and took advantage to wear his opponent out. In the eighth round, Gonzalez left eye spurted blood and Sierra own left eye had blood streaming down the side of his face as both men exchanged big shots that stunned each other in yet another close round. By the ninth round, the sweet science ceased to be a science as both men simply pounded each other and it looked like a close fight going into the last three rounds.

Gonzalez would pound inside with effective short shots but then on many occasions, he would move back outside instead of staying inside where he had the advantage. Over those last threes rounds, Gonzalez had better productivity as he landed some solid lefts whereas Sierra fought in spurts as he tired out over the stretch run. Gonzalez won the decision as he outlasted Sierra. This was one of those bouts that brought out the best in both fighters who showed grit and determination. Gonzalez strong close guarantee him the victory in a bout that was a toss up going into the championship rounds.