Puerto Rican night on SHOBOX

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: June 12, 2011

Jonathan Gonzalez

Jonathan Gonzalez

IOWA CITY, IOWA-–ShoBox featured two undefeated Puerto Ricans fighter, Jonathan Gonzalez and Luis Orlando Del Valle this past Saturday night. Gonzalez began the evening program against Richard Gutierrez, a veteran who has fought several contenders. In the opening rounds, both fighters stood toe to toe with Gonzalez scoring with more precise punches. Gutierrez started the second round by throwing flurries but Gonzalez more powerful punches stopped the Gutierrez offense. Gonzalez trapped Gutierrez on the rope and unleashed combinations that rocked Gutierrez and forced Gutierrez to retreat along the ropes. Gutierrez looked more like a punching bag as he simply played defense as Gonzalez attacked with a variety of combinations.

Gonzalez moved and bounced around the ring in the third round as Gutierrez chased with little effect but Gonzalez gave Gutierrez a break as he did not put on the gas in attacking Gutierrez. Gonzalez began the fourth round bouncing around the round but as the round progressed, Gonzalez moved inside as he forced Gutierrez again to the rope as he did in the first two rounds but Gutierrez managed to land some solid shots off the rope more effectively than the opening rounds.

After the fifth round, the fight settle in a pattern with Gutierrez satisfied to fight off the rope and Gonzalez liking to keep his opponent on the rope. In the first two rounds, Gonzalez dominated the action but Gutierrez managed to land some solid shots off the rope in the fourth and fifth round while penetrating Gonzalez defense.

Halfway through the sixth round, Gonzalez nailed Gutierrez with a right, followed up with combinations but a low blow gave Gutierrez some needed rest. By the end of sixth round, Gutierrez looked tired and he was pushing his punches. In the opening minutes of the seventh round, Gonzalez connected with a left hook that sent Gutierrez back on his heels. In another minute, another Gonzalez left hook shook Gutierrez back one more time in a round that saw Gonzalez fighting in a measure fashion and in the middle of the ring.

Gonzalez entered the eighth round for the first time in his career as Gutierrez came out aggressively and brawling but as the round progress; Gonzalez forced Gutierrez to the rope in an action pack round. Gonzalez continued to pressure Gutierrez throughout the ninth round and over the last thirty seconds, he rocked Gutierrez but the wily veteran found a way to survive to the tenth and final round.

Gonzalez went for the knock out in the final round but Gutierrez covered up most of the round, even though he did counter on occasion against the hard charging Gonzalez. Gutierrez lost his fifth fight over his last seven fights and Gonzalez showed that he might have a future as a contender in the super welterweight division.

Dat Nguyen challenged Luis Orlando Del Valle in the second bout and Del Valle tested Nguyen with some hard snapping right hands over Nguyen’s left jab. Del Valle continued his attack in the second round but Nguyen connected on some solid shots of his own. Valle body shots changed the round as he went to the body and nailed his opponent with head shots.

Luis Orlando Del Valle

Luis Orlando Del Valle

Round three saw desperate exchanges as Del Valle got the better of the exchanges as he moved up and down with body shots followed by head shots, shots creating swelling under the Nguyen’s right eye. Nguyen proved to be a tough guy as he took Del Valle’s best shots and on occasional land some solid power shots of his own but by the end of fourth round, Del Valle trapped Nguyen in the corner. For the first two minutes forty five seconds, De Valle threw sharp punches as he moved forward but in the last fifteen seconds, Nguyen connected on three punch combinations that forced Del Valle to retreat for the only time in the fight.

Going into the second half of the fight, Nguyen was told by his corner that he had to win every round and that was an accurate assessment. With forty seconds left, a Del Valle left hook sent Nguyen head spinning and then Del Valle threw ten punches as Nguyen covered up. For the next thirty seconds, Nguyen attempted to survive the onslaught. Del Valle jumped on his opponent and forced Nguyen to the rope. Nguyen answered Del Valle less and less as the fight progressed and in the seventh round, it appeared that Del Valle threw ten punches for every one thrown by Nguyen. Nguyen started to reach the point he was more a punching bag than a fighter as whatever energy he had in the early round was slipping away.

Nguyen started the ninth round with an offensive flurry but this only last for twenty seconds as he found refuge on the rope as Del Valle simply pounded his opponent for the rest of the round. Going into the tenth round, Nguyen had two swollen eyes but he showed courage as he took Del Valle’s best but unfortunately, he lack the power to stop Del Valle. Nguyen continued to fight and gave his best effort but nothing seemed to bother Del Valle as he coasted to an easy victory. Del Valle put on a good show against a tough determined fighter who refused to go down.