Will PACMAN beat Mosley?

By Tom Donelson BASN Staff Writer
Updated: May 1, 2011

IOWA CITY, IOWA—Does Shane Mosley have a shot of beating Manny Pacquiao? Yes, and all you have to do is look at the second round of his fight with Floyd Mayweather when a Mosley right nearly derailed the undefeated Mayweather. In a fight that was mostly a sparring session for Mayweather, the second round was the only competitive round between the two with the Mosley right proving decisive in that ring. Beyond the second round, Mayweather boxed his way to an easy victory and Mosley looked old and slow. Nor did he look that much better in a draw against Sergio Mora a good but not great fighter. A few years ago, Mosley would have dispatched Mora but the 39 year old Mosley is not longer Sugar Shane, he is just Shane.

Team Pacquaio saw the Mosley’s last two fights and decided that the time has come for a big money fight with Mosley. I suspect that the Pacquaio’s camp decided that at this stage of his career, Mosley represents a safe fight for big money and Pacquaio is about making the big money. Not that I don’t empathize with Pacquaio concerns since he has beaten some of the best fighter of his generation, so no one can excuse him for taking a bout for money. The Pacman has more than paid his dues when it came to fighting the very best so now at this stage in his career, it is time to profit on his skills.

Mosley was a great hall of fame fighter and the real question is can Mosley regain for one fight, his skills that age has eroded? Often with great fighters, there may be just one more great effort left in the body, so the fighter continues to fight especially if there is a eight figure pay day involved.

Mosley right hand that nailed Mayweather in the second round, can certainly find a target on Pacquaio, who fights as a southpaw. The right hand is the perfect weapon against a southpaw and Mosley has a great right. So Mosley chance is that of any boxer, the knockout

Pacquaio have shown so far to be able to take punches from bigger men and so one can assume that he can take Mosley best. The real question is whether this is a competitive fight or a repeat of Pacquaio pasting of fellow Golden Boy owner and fighter, Oscar De La Hoya.

De La Hoya was the favored against Pacquaio, but Pacquaio quickness proved crucial as De La Hoya simply could not pull the trigger. All night long, Pacquaio simply threw punches in bunches as he out slugged the older De La Hoya. On that night, De La Hoya looked old and De La Hoya retired when it was over.

There may be a similar scenario as the De La Hoya bout, when father time simply takes over and the older great fighter no longer is great but simply old. Mosley is old but does he have one more great fight left or was his bout with Margarito his last great bout?

Pacquaio is a killing machine at his peak and he wants a dominant win to show Mayweather that the both need to be in same ring for a nine figure bout. Pacquaio is too quick and age will be the dominant factor as Mosley hundred of rounds fought will show up.

Pacquiao biggest challenge is to beat Mosley worse than Mayweather did and stop him as he did in Oscar De La Hoya.