Welcome To The Endzone:The Head band Bandits

By By Eric D.Graham, BASN Columnist
Updated: May 18, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA,(BASN)—After watching the 2011 NBA Playoffs, I noticed several players wearing headbands? But the question remains, are headbands cool or corny? Are they fashionable or laughable? With that said, today in the End zone, we take a look at headbands, who still wears them and who are cool when they do it.

1. Allen Iverson (former 76ers)

Iverson made the headband cool again. He actually can be seen wearing a headband and a do-rag at the same. Even though A.I. keeps it hood, he still looks good. (Hood rich)

2. Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks)

Carmelo is a headband supermodel. With his headband on, it seems as if he is walking down the runway during Fashion Week in New York. (Fashionable)

3. Lebron James (Miami Heat) ***image9***

James rocks a head band in order to hide his rescinding hairline. And if you foul him hard enough, you can knock it off. But LBJ is a basketball icon; therefore, if he wears a headband, he is making a business decision. (Still Cool)

4. Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics)

Pierce sports his glorious green headband in order to show his Celtic pride. The headband, in fact, is a part of his uniform. He can’t play without it. (Corny)

5. Mike Bibby (Miami Heat)

Mike Bibby’s headband is so big; it looks like he has a big white hotel towel wrapped around his forehead. (Cool)

6. Eddie House (Miami Heat) ***image7***

Eddie House is one of the coolest players in the NBA. He can even shoot the three pointers with his headband on. (Chill)

7. Jason Terry (Dallas Mavericks) ***image10***

Jason Terry wears his headband cocked slightly to the side as he pretends to fly like an airplane after drilling a three. (Cool)

8. Josh Smith (Atlanta Hawks)

Josh Smith aka J.Smooth sports a headband but the unshaved beard and the headband is too much too look at. (Uncool)

9. Kenyon Martin (Denver Nuggets)

K-Mart wears a baby blue headband. But with all of those blacked out tattoos around his neck, he looks like a hot ghetto mess. (Uncool)

10. Erik Dampier (Miami Heat) ***image8***

Erick Dampier is too tall, too old, and too sorry to wear a headband. (Uncool)

11. Jermaine O’Neal (Boston Celtics)

Jermaine O’Neal has a bald head. Why he wears a headband, I have no idea? (Unnecessary)

12. Zach Randolph (Memphis Grizzlies)

Zach covers his forehead with a navy blue headband. As a result, he has been nicknamed the Big Black Grizzly Bear with blue headband banging down low in the paint. (Scary)

13. Joe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks)

Joe Johnson jump shot is deadly but his headband is so unnecessary. (Lose the look)

14. James Harden (Oklahoma City)

Harden rocks a big Hebrew Israelite beard and a head band. He is a throwback version of a throwback player. (Old school, new school is still cool)

NOTE: Rajon Rondo and Delonte West of the Boston Celtics, who are known to wear headbands, ditched the look this year in the playoffs.