Sadam Ali wins

By Tom Donelson BASN Staff Writer
Updated: May 21, 2011

Sadam Ali

Sadam Ali

IOWA CITY, IOWA—The undefeated Sadam Ali fought Louisiana native John Revish in the opening bout of ESPN Friday night with the idea of making a splash on national television. The first round saw more of feeling each other with very little action but the second round, a left hook from Ali sent Revish reeling back into the rope and down on his butt. For the rest of the round, Ali chased Revish, landing solid power punches including a left upper cut that spin Revish head back.

Ali continued the chase in the third round as Revish punched less as he simply looked for spots to counter the pursuing Ali. Revish took advantage of Ali being careless as he nailed Ali with a left hook with minute left that for a brief moment stunned Ali. Ali held back for about thirty seconds as he slowed the pursuit but at the end of the round, Ali nailed Revish with a solid left hook and a right hand. Both fighters got a break as the lights went out in the arena for sixteen minutes.

Ali continued his chase in the fifth round and the sixteen minutes may have benefited him the most as he did suffer a couple of nasty blows from Revish in the previous round. In the sixth and seventh round, Ali looked more comfortable in pursuing Revish but the one thing that became obvious, the inability to cut off the ring as Revish could maneuver out of range.

Revish needed a knockout in the final round and with a minute into the ring Revish connected on a right followed by left hook that wobbled Ali. Ali retreated while Revish attacked. In the last thirty seconds, Ali managed to connect on couple of solid counters as he quit running to exchange blows. For the remaining thirty seconds, Revish ran out of options in his effort to defeat Ali and he allowed Ali to survive the round. Ali won an easy decision.

There was a time when Joel Julio was considered a title contender but at 26 years old, he is looking to recharge his career returning to the welterweight division against Anges Adjaho. With three of his four losses at junior Middleweight, Julio decided to move down to Welterweight as his career as a Super Middleweight stalled. Julio began this fight by attacking and forcing Adjaho to retreat in the opening stanza.

Adjaho came into the fight with four straight losses including a knockout lost to Antonio DeMarco at light weight; so he was an opponent for Julio’s comeback into the Welterweight divison. Julio fought a deliberate pace as he attacked body with solid power punches followed by combinations to the head as Adjaho retreated along the rope.

ESPN Ted Atlas observed that when Adjaho put a little pressure against the pursuing Julio, Julio retreated but it was not in Adjaho nature to fight inside to counter pressure Julio. Going into the second half of the fight, Julio was winning simply by being workmanlike as Adjaho did more retreating than fighting.

Halfway through the eighth round, Julio was doing what was doing all night; moving forward and putting combinations. Both men style kept the fans quiet as they sat on their hands, just hoping for any major actions. The best line of the ninth round came from Ted Atlas who quipped, “I came to a boxing match and a horse race broke out.” This line showed the boring nature of the fight and it was a boring fight. After the fight was over, Adjaho raised his hands and hugged his corner but one had to wonder why; it wasn’t like he won the fight. Julio won an easy decision but Adjaho acted like he was robbed but this was an easy fight to score and the judges got it right.

Last week, Chris Arreola came into his fight with Nagy Aguilera the lightest in years at 234 pounds. This showed up in the fight as Arreola looked like a fighter ready to challenge for a championship. His hands were quicker and even his defense better. It has been four years since he has been this light and next week, he fights against Kendrick Releford on ESPN Friday fights. If Arreola can keep his weight down, he just might get back to championship contention.