By Eric D.Graham
Updated: May 24, 2011

1. How can the Miami Heat improve their team?

The Miami Heat can improve their team by telling Adonis Haslem to cut off his braids. (Allen Iverson did….)

2. Are you a constititonal scholar?

No….when the constition was created, I was consider 3/5 of a human being.

3. Do you love Oprah Winfrey?

Yes…I love Oprah. But I wish she would give me a brand new car

4. Why is baseball such a difficult sport to play?

Because you need at least 18 players, with 18 gloves, a one size fits all helmet, catcher’s equipment, a ball, and at least one bat,

5. Do you think Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook wears his emotions on his sleeves?

No Russell Westbrook doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeves, he wears his emotions on his face.

6. Who do you like better Jamele Hill or Pam Oliver?

Both of these ladies are beautiful and intelligent but I’ll have to select Pam Oliver. I love those big juicy lips.

7. The United States of America is $14 trillion in debt, what are going to do about ?

I will refuse to pay back my college loan until the US pays back its loan with China.

8. Do you like the Oklahoma City Thunder?

I hate the Oklahoma City Thunder…but I love James Harden’s big black beard.

9. Who is your favorite sports columnist?

My favorite sports columnist is Eric D.Graham. They brother needs to get more credit.

10. Were you afraid to go outside at night last week on Friday the 13th?

Yes. that’s why I sat in my bathroom, with the door locked, while sitting on toilet, and read some of my uncle’s old jet magazines.