Vic Darchinyan wins a big one

By Tom Donelson BASN Staff Writer
Updated: April 26, 2011

Vic Darchinyan

Vic Darchinyan

IOWA,CITY, IOWAVic Darchinyan fights mad when he goes into ring and against Yonnhy Perez, he was all raging bull. In the Byzantine world of boxing, this was for the vacant IBO title but the reason for the vacant title was due to injury suffered by Joseph Agebeko, which canceled Abner Mares defense of the IBO title that he won from Vic Darchinyan in his previous bout as part of the Showtime tournament.

Vic Darchinyan had lost a close split decision to Mares in his previous and Perez lost to Agebeko in previous bout, so the loser would have lost two in a row among the elites of the bantamweight. The winner will be in line for some bigger fights and still in line for other championship fights.

For Darchinyan, he was a knockout threat as a flyweight and super flyweight but at 118 pound, he had yet to stop a true bantamweight. Perez has fought three tough fights and complain that he was a step slower against Agebeko, a fighter he beaten previously.

In the opening rounds, Darchinyan came out hard with every punch launched with mean intention as he went for the knockout. His goal was to inflict pain and hope that Perez would wilt, a gamble for if Perez managed to get Darchinyan into the later rounds, he may have a tired Darchinyan.

Darchinyan was not missing with his hard left and Perez appeared defensive less against that left. Left uppercuts and straight left from Darchinyan southpaw position powered their ways between Perez’s gloves. Perez looked slow with and had trouble countering in the first two rounds. He never seemed able to pull the trigger and Darchinyan had it his way including a knock down in the second round.

Perez came out in the third round with solid rights and for the first two minutes, he finally got his own combinations together. Over the last minute, Darchinyan came back with some solid lefts that forced Perez back to the rope.

At the beginning of the fourth round, Perez landed more solid rights but halfway through the round, Darchinyan left beginning with a three punch combination starting with a left uppercut. Perez was back to the rope and Darchinyan attack again.

Darchinyan looked exhausted at times over the previous two rounds but by the end of round, his power forced Perez to retreat and the question that was coming, could Perez turn it around.

The fifth round ended the question of any Perez comeback as during a tough exchange on the rope, both men head collided and open a gusher over Perez eyes. The ring doctor ended the fight and Darchinyan was ahead on three judges’ card by 50-44. Fight over and Darchinyan won.

As for Perez, he got clobbered and now he has fought four tough fights; looking every bit of his 32 years. The questions that Showtime and former champion Antonio Tarver asked, what future does Perez have?

As for Darchinyan, he is back in the hunt to fight the winner of Agebeko-Mares. And who knows, maybe a rematch with Nonito Donaire, who stopped Darchinyan when they were both flyweights.

The lower weights including the bantamweights rarely attract much attention but for the past year, we have seen some great matches where top fighters have fought each others and there are some intriguing matches left to make.