The Barry Lamar Bonds Saga Continues

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: April 27, 2011

Baseball's Public Enemy #1

Baseball's Public Enemy #1

OAKLAND, CA—This is what happens when egos become more important then being the best at your given talent.

Barry Lamar Bonds was one of the greatest natural hitters of modern times. Being around Major League Baseball as a child, Bonds understood the mechanics of the game. He had one of the quickest bat rotations in the game, but it was not enough.

Barry Lamar Bonds saw the national adoration of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa as these two players went for the single season home run quest in 1996.

The sports media followed the two baseball saviors wherever they went and this event put a burr in Bonds butt.

Barry knew he was better then both of these players and he wanted to prove it. Barry Lamar Bonds’ giant ego would not let it go.

So Bonds allegedly sought out individuals and medications that would make him bigger and stronger.

Like I’ve stated many times before if a player cannot see the ball it does not matter what you take it will not change your performance, taking steroids just helps a player hit the ball farther. So a .220 average player will still be a .220 average player with more extra base hits but remains average.

Barry Lamar Bonds understood this and he know that he could hit more home runs and hit them farther. The San Francisco Giants helped him by building a ball park just for Bonds’ homers with a short left field porch.

Time has passed, Barry Lamar Bonds has since retired or was forced to retire because not one single team picked up his contract. Talk about baseball collusion; this was it and nobody seemed to care.

Teams like the Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Twins, and the Seattle Mariners could have used a left-handed power hitter in 2005-2006.

The home run king had his day in court, and was convicted of Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice on April 17, 2011. It has been seven years, 27 counts, down to one count, one million dollars, his best friend going to jail twice. My question, was it worth it?

The administrations of Major League Baseball and the Federal Government should be ashamed of themselves for legally harassing Barry Lamar Bonds for that many years.

Then future Commissioner Number 31 Bud Selig knew about certain players taken Human Growth Hormone supplements before he took office and Uncle Bud choose to do nothing and choose to ignore the growing problem.

The American public wanted to see home runs and Mr. Selig would grant America‘s wishes.

Major League Baseball did not address this growing drug problem until President George W. Bush stated in a State of the Union speech and Bonds’ closing in on Hank Aaron’s home run record became topic number one.

It is very strange for the kettle to be calling the pot black. George W. Bush formerly owned the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. The same club that most of the steroid users once came.

MLB and the United States Government had to save face after seven years of investigations, seven years of paper work, and seven years of questioning negative public opinion.

Barry Lamar Bonds became the poster boy for the issue of steroids in baseball once again a strong African American man became the point man for an American social ill. Arresting, embarrassing, and placing Bonds in jail would magically clean up baseball. WRONG!

MLB still has not dealt with Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Andy Petitte, and Roger Clemens among others.

Mr. Selig has been absent when it came to administration rulings. Mr. Selig is like an absentee landlord that collects rent and lets the building that he owns fall to pieces.

Remember MLB did not have a steroid policy until 2004-2005 so legally all of these gentlemen did not break the rules until then.

Baseball earned this black eye because they never took responsibility and then refused to clean it up after the fact.

The almighty dollar became more important then the sanctity of the game. Baseball has suffered greatly for the neglect of its administrators to enforce the law.

If Barry Lamar Bonds has to spend one day in jail he will sue Major League Baseball for neglect. MLB refused to enforce their own drug policies thus creating this boondoggle.

Baseball was America‘s number one sport, now it is ranked fourth falling behind hockey with the National Hockey League and soccer (futbol) with the recent 2010 World Cup Championship not far behind pressing them with exciting playoff action.

Baseball has not learned to control itself and star players like Barry Lamar Bonds circumventing the rules because they could.

Once again an African American woman saves a Black man from the American judicial system.

Once again a Black woman stops America from jailing a man of a darker hue for political and social reason. This courageous woman voted her conscience and against the majority of the Bonds jury pool.

Baseball thought it needed to clean up its act and Barry Lamar Bonds was the easiest scapegoat they could find. It will take more then that to clean up the grand old game.


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