Sydney Johnson leaves Princeton

By Richard G. Kent BASN Staff Writer
Updated: April 7, 2011

Sydney Johnson

Sydney Johnson

CONN.-He left Princeton to go to Fairfield? Why. It is at best a lateral move and Princeton is,well Princeton. One of the proudest and most tradition laden academic and athletic institutions in the country.

Was it more money. Could it have been the chance to win a couple of NCAA games. Or perhaps relaxed academic standards which would make recruiting easier.

Word on the street is that Sydney Johnson left his alma mater for all of the above and more. He was reportedly getting frustrated with the relaxed academic standards at rival Harvard and coach Tommy Amaker for basketball players.The admissions office at Princeton was denying some of his player requests. That could not be denied.Also Johnson has a deep Catholic faith and Fairfield might have been more compatible for him in that regard.
Johnson stood on the dais with the University President and AD looking mighty comfortable with the Stags and a returning group of players who could make a serious NCAA run this coming season.That University President is also a Princeton grad and was mighty proud.
Johnson won the Ivies this season with a 12-2 mark and a playoff win over Harvard. His team almost beat Kentucky in the first round of the NCAA’s.Perhaps he felt that he had taken Princeton as far as they could be taken.
Johnson announced that he was keeping Tyson Wheeler on his staff. He also said that he would like to play UConn each season but recognized that UConn would be calling the shots in that regard. AD Gene Doris noted that it would be great to get the Huskies at home at the Arena at Harbor Yards in Bridgeport.

It was felt that Johnson got the nod over former St. John’s coach Norm Roberts.

It was a great hire for Doris.