Straight No Chaser…..Cam Newton appears to be too-Black for America’s sports establishment

By Desi Cortez BASN Staff Writer
Updated: April 3, 2011

Denver, Colo.—Cam Newton appears to be too-Black for America’s sports establishment. . . .
His confidence, his Heisman, his national championship, his reluctance to throw his father under the bus, distance himself from a dad who was coming out of a scandal with his ass intact. Newton’s pro football potential far outshines a guy he sat behind, the Great White Hope himself Tim Tebow. These elements may be too much for White folks to stomach, as we all know – they prefer their Negroes much more unassuming, non threatening, humble, grateful and docile. Perhap’s Newton’s Defiance, improvisation, sturdiness n’ stability under enormous negative pressure . . . might it be the fact he and his Pop’s out-chess played the NCAA country club pimps, or Cam’s ability to dismiss America’s Puritan/Pilgrim population’s hypocritical desire for him to quit when they wanted him to . . . these are the intangibles that are sending the good ol’ boys over-the-top. Actually any Black athlete who does not fit, conform, assimilate and accommodate the expectations of the White sports writers and fans whims – will face the wrath of White men gone mad. Dig this synopsis of Newton from Pro Football Weekly; very disingenuous … has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup. Always knows where the cameras are and plays to them.Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness.” Ain’t that a predictable bitch! I bet the plantation a White dude wrote that. I’ll like to ask the same, for lack of a better term, journalist his summation of Vick, Doug Williams, Randall Cunningham . . . Obama, Mandela, Dr King. America’s fraternity of angry White guy sports writers are determined to paint n’ taint this kid as the new gangsta thug poster-punk for all Black QB’s. And now, today the Angry White male company line has been set; be it ESPN, AOL or SI – one, and-all brand Cam a candidate for Attica. Just to be on the safe-side, they want to bar him from the NFL, banish him to prison . . . hang Cam, make an example of him, put this big Black alpha-male buck back in his subordinate place . . . make him play Tight End or Defensive End . . . in a non-thinking position. So, with the feel, flavor taste and texture set . . . all Warren Moon did was tell the truth. “A lot of the criticism he’s receiving is unfortunate and racially based, I thought we were all past this. I don’t see other quarterbacks in the draft being criticized by the media or fans about their smile or called a phony. He’s being held to different standards from white quarterbacks. I thought we were past all this stuff about African-American quarterbacks, but I guess we’re not. Some of these questions about Cam are more about his intellect, “It’s blatant racism, some of it.” Let’s not pull any punches; the Lunar landscape Moon encountered in 1979, as a Black man trying to play QB in the NFL, after rewriting the Washington Huskies record book was as cold, hostile and unwelcoming as it was for Doug McPherson, Arron Brooks, Kordell Stewart, Quincy Carter, Tony Banks, is still today for Vick, McNabb, Young, Garrard , Pat White and now Cam – and it’s irrelevant if the Black signal caller is a Boy Scout or a East Side Vice Lord Blue Blood, at the end of the game, you’re still a “Nigger” in the eyes of the “good ol’ boys” who long to see All-American White guys dominate the gridiron the way they did when the games this nation played were segregated, fixed, rigged, as in the prime competition, Blacks were excluded. And without question, another given in America – there’s a relentless lynch-mob chasing any Black person who threatens Caucasian guy’s false superiority and make believe prominence. The Quarterback position, like the Presidential position is a top-dog battlefield, the last mythical bastion of White-guy Captain America like dominance . . . and this young Mandingo gladiator is a threat to that crumbling before your very eyes fairytale. Vick was hunted and hated from the day he was a #1 draft choice as a NFL Field General. Recall Vick had no police record before the Dog-Gate. McNabb has been treated in a manner not scene for a QB with his resume. Recall the sports press wanted Vince Young to blow his head off . . . . Professor Obama easily has twice the common sense, worldly knowledge and intellectual curiosity as Bush, both the father n’ son combined, he’s more class and real charm then any president since JFK and FDR, he’s a good father and husband – he displays character not seen in the Oval Office in decades . . . However he’s not to be trusted. His life is a lie, the same things said by the Republican Tea Party propaganda machine about Dr King even. Must I play along and pretend there’s no White backlash rolling across the land? I refuse to; there’s a WASP posse chasing hi-profile Alpha-Black males, from Cam Newton to the President. White men and women who feel compelled, obligated to put and keep Black Americans in their preferred, desired assigned “Nigger” place. Newton is being depicted as a JaMarcus Russell clone, not a bigger mobile Terry Bradshaw, or a bigger mobile Roger Stabach or even Doug Williams – but as J Russell – not so much by the pigskin gurus – but by the so-called “non bias” sports reporters and the obviously over-the-top overtly bias sports columnist who amplify the national angry White man company line; “We’re not sure he ‘s smart enough. “we’re not sure he can stay out of trouble,” we’re not sure he can lead men into battle.” The kid is a character with no character. . . have the White boy tell it. If this kids got “character” issues, then where’s that leave Fiesta Bowl CEO/SOB Joe Junker, Rush Limbaugh, Bret Favre, Newt Gingrich, George W., Bernie Madoff? Cam’s yet to be an alcoholic, abuse pain killers, be addicted to coke, have affairs behind his cancer ridden wife’s back nor send wallet-size photos of his penis to bimbo’s he wants to bed. Avoid the draft, go AWOL, diabolically empty people’s bank accounts . . . . Wallet size photos of Cam’s penis, maybe I should have said pocket size penis photo’s . . . no? Newton is being targeted, singled-out and attacked, because he’s not perfect, flawed, and of course, his imperfections are multiplied and highlighted for he’s Black, that’s all it takes to have the dogs released. The same sports writers who forgave and forget Big Ben Rothelisberger has been accused of stuffing his big burger where it wasn’t wanted . . rape, and those 3 allegations pale in comparison to the outrage over a kid accepting a hot laptop from some kid on campus . . . . Newton cheated and got caught/set-up on 2 to3 occasions . . . . Really? The cadets at the Air Force Academy cheat, at West-Point they cheat, in Ivy League schools and police academies they cheat, politicians and medical schools students cheat . . . and most are allotted a second chance. It’s this hypocrisy which ignites a flickering blue-flame under my Black ass – White men able to minimize, rationalize, slight, justify if not dismiss the classless criminal antics of men like Big George Bush n’ little Dick Cheney – and then still elect these pitiful examples of “alpha -males” to high office. Nonetheless when it comes to something as irrelevant and meaningless as the NFL or NBA . . . these same rootin n’ tootin’ pirates instantly develop, overnight . . . morals, values and high standards. Least I end without citing the straw which broke the Redneck’s back . . . the elder Mr. Newton didn’t take kindly to his boy Elroy being pimped n’ exploited by professional pimps cut in the same cloth as Joe Junker, who evidently pimped his way out of the collegiate country club – his sloppiness has shown the country how many of the NCAA aristocrats really roll. Mr. Newton had issues with his son generating . . . millions upon millions, his son’s effort on the field resulting in the construction of lecture halls and 4’500 sq. ft. homes for college officials, while at best his son is suppose to be exchanging his athletic prowess for a 50 grand a year job as a gym teacher. The poker game Newton’s dad engaged in labeled both as “uppity Niggers” for whom the college sports establishment/industry has little time nor patience for. He refused to accept his position of “beggar” and decided he had a little more control over the college athletics exploitation process then the cartel thought. This has left Cam Newton a marked man.