Prospects lose their zero!

By Tom Donelson BASN Staff Writer
Updated: April 9, 2011

Vincent Arroyo and Willie Nelson

Vincent Arroyo and Willie Nelson

IOWA CITY, IOWA—Shobox had their own boxing show featuring three bouts and boxing prospects ready to show they are more than potential but contender.

The undefeated Willie Nelson began the evening events as he fought his toughest opponent, Vincent Arroyo. Nelson advantage was obvious in the first round with long wing span and 6’3″ frame and as one showtime announcer noted, “It won’t be hard to figure who is who?” Nelson used his jab to keep Arroyo off balanced but with a minute left, Arroyo nailed Nelson with an looping right hand that shook Nelson in a round that Nelson winning. (Farhood gave the round to Arroyo due to that right hand.)

In the second round, Arroyo looked to counter the taller Nelson with the hope of catching Nelson with another right but Nelson kept his distance and his jab produced a swelling under Arroyo’s right eye.

The action got wild in the third round as Arroyo got a point deduction for holding but Nelson got nailed with a left hook that caused him to grab Arroyo to hang on but Arroyo threw him off. Arroyo had a knock down but not a 10-8 round due to the point loss.

Nelson decided to give up his heights as Nelson became the aggressor in the fourth round. Nelson won the round simply because he was the busier fighter as Arroyo seemed contented to rest on the effort of the previous round.

Halfway through the fifth round, Arroyo nailed Nelson with several combinations with body shots followed by head shots but in one exchange Nelson left hook forced Arroyo to the rope. Nelson ended the round trapping Arroyo on the rope and unleashing his combination.

Nelson started the punish Arroyo on the inside and using his size to wear down his smaller Arroyo and this proved to his undoing. At the minute and half mark in the sixth round, Arroyo countered off the rope with a left hook and sent Nelson down. Arroyo hit Nelson with another right that nearly sent Nelson down a second time in the round. By giving up his height, Nelson allowed Arroyo to catch him. Nelson survived over the next ninety seconds by holding and moving.

Arroyo became the hunter in the seventh round and Nelson became the prey as he moved away from Arroyo but punched very little. A Arroyo right hand sent Nelson down a third time in the fight and with one round left, Arroyo had two 10-8 rounds and a 9-8 round that should have been a 10-8 if he didn’t lose a point deduction.

Nelson threw many effective punches in the final round, whereas Arroyo got clipped with solid right hands. As for Arroyo, he could not match his previous round and generated very little effective round in a fight that could have been closer despite Arroyo two knockdown of Nelson. Arroyo won a majority decision with two judges 75-73 and the other judge had it 74-74.

Danny O’Connor faced Gabriel Bracero in a battle of undefeated of junior welterweights. Both fighters stayed in each other pockets as neither guys worried about the other guy punching power as there had been only four knockdowns in twenty eight fights between them. Bracero was the more effective puncher in the first round but O’Connor landed the more accurate punches in the second round.

Bracero goal was to get inside to interrupt O’Connor rhythm and managed to catch O’ Connor with right hands in the third round. Bracero repeated in the fourth what he did in the third as he continued to assault O’Connor body before hitting the head. As the fight entered the final two rounds, Bracero looked the fresher fighter and his effective aggressive style gave him the momentum.

With his corner telling him that he needed a knockout to win, O’Connor fought hard in the last round and this may have been the closet round since the second round but Bracero still won the round. Bracero aggressive style decided the victory as he won a unanimous decision.

In the final event, Dyah Davis challenged undefeated Marcus Johnson as both sides agreed that Davis, the son of former gold medal winner Howard Davis, would be Johnson toughest bout. Both fighters felt each other out in a close first round as Davis moved and Johnson pursued.

Davis began the second round moving and jabbing while judicially placing his right over Johnson left hand.

The third round saw Davis consistently moving out of harms way and Johnson ineffectually following Davis while allowing Davis escaping since Johnson was not cutting off the ring.

In the first minute of the fourth round, Johnson looked more confident of his own style as he managed to connect on some solid shots as Davis slowed enough to allow Johnson to connect with those shots. Fans booed in the fifth round as both fighters did very little to convince the judge they won the round as Davis jabbed inaccurately and Johnson connected on a couple of solid body shots but nothing beyond that.

After the eighth round, this fight could be classified as a pick em where neither fighter gaining the advantage, but it was a fight that gave the underdog Davis a shot since with every round being close. Each round would be decided by one or two punch proved decisive.

Dyah Davis nailed Johnson with a straight right to the body in the ninth round and Johnson grimaced in pain as part of delayed reaction as he knelt down to recover. Davis went on to win the rest of the round as he pot shot Johnson and scored a 10-8 round in what appeared to be a close round.

Johnson view the tenth as crisis time as his undefeated record was now in jeopardy. Johnson aggressive style allowed him to take the final round but would it prove enough considering what happened in the previous round?

The score card had Davis winning easy as the judges gave him the benefit of doubt in close rounds as he won 98-91, 98-91, 96-93. Davis scored enough in each round to win the bout and Shobox saw three favorites lose as Arroyo upset Willie Nelson to take his zero whereas Bracero upset another undefeated fighter, Danny O’ Connor but Johnson lost was the biggest upset as Johnson failed to adopt to counter Davis’ style. This was a night in which three undefeated prospect lost their undefeated status.