Peyton Hillis on the cover of Madden . . .? Only because he’s White

By Desi Cortez BASN staff writer
Updated: April 13, 2011

This article appeared on BASN April 15th 2011. Here’s an update.

DENVER. COPeyton Hillis is out of today’s game in Houston, and the way things are going for the beleaguered Browns running back, it might not be long before he’s out of Cleveland for good.

Hillis was downgraded from questionable to out on the team’s injury report Saturday, one day after he reinjured his left hamstring on a running play during the early portion of practice.

He will miss his third straight game with the injury, and the Browns might even choose to place him on injured reserve, ending his circus-like season and potentially closing his star-crossed career with Cleveland.

Hillis, who rushed for 1,177 yards and 11 touchdowns last season, will be a free agent after the season, and the Browns appear ready to let him go.

White America’s never-ending quest for “Great White Hopes” never ends . . . Peyton Hillis, on the cover of Madden? Only because he’s White. You know, some of my closet friends are White . . . so don’t get it twisted inside-out, I’m no witchdoctor on a witch-hunt, I’m just a lifetime NFL fan . . . who’s never seen such overt White guy male-cheerleading in my entire life. I’ve seen quite a bit, don’t get me wrong, but nothing like this. Somewhere in between insecurity and anger lies the “race-based” reasons why this “Albino Rhino” is being shoved down my throat as some combination of Larry the bazooka” Csonka and Lance “Bambi” Alworth . . . after only one season where this cat rumbled for 1177 yards . . . in a 16 game season, where he didn’t average 5 yards a carry, nor 100 yards a game – the Jim Brown standard for being a BAMF. Jim Brown equals endurance and consistence, he never missed a game, this kids already missed more then a few. . . . Talk about being handed, given something . . . something like fame, fortune the “alpha-male” tag and gridiron immortality. And he didn’t even ask for this PR campaign, he’s just the first in almost a quarter- century to posse the rare combo of both elusiveness and speed to go along with predictable power. Craig James was the last – and he was openly referred to as the Great White Hope. Why can’t the term still be applied? More-so now then ever before considering the numbers. First and foremost, I like the kid, he’d start for me in heartbeat, the Broncos should be skinned for giving this barbarian the axe – 2 games over 5 yards-a-crack, 2 with a phenomenal 6 yards-a carry – the man brings it. Reminds me of a poor man’s Earl Campbell dipped in Vanilla – however, far removed from anything Hillis has said or done – the prime motivating factor behind this big cats elevation to Great White Hunter status is his Great White Hope designation – White sports fans and Wall Street are hungry, starving, desperate for a White running back, as in tail-back, with some distinct manner, style which says . .”I am White man!! Hear me roar!!” Tony Gerhart, Brain Leonard and Danny Woodhead are cool, but can you Imagine Woodhead in your funk? Look, the lack of White running backs in the NFL has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with discrimination , racism, prejudice nor exclusion and everything to do with a lack of talent and skills. On the other, darker hand, the lack of Black Quarterbacks in the NFL has everything to do with discrimination, racism and prejudice resulting in the strategic intentional exclusion of Blacks at the Signal Caller position. End of story. Weigh, measure and pound this question out to its logical conclusion; if when Jackie Robinson was permitted by the great White fathers to play major league baseball, Blacks would have been permitted to play Quarterback in the NFL, and little Black boys across the US, since 1947 had been emulating and imitation guys like Willie Thrower . . . what would the field general position look like today? Yes I Know, the guys at Bleacher Report, FOX Sports, AOL, ESPN, Yahoo none want the Great White Hope propaganda effort discussed or dissected. Matter-of-factly none of the sports press, whose course is set by White males, never wants to look at the racism which was and still is embedded in the NFL. We’re suppose to play it like we don’t see the glaring inequalities in the front-office, head coaching and coordinator positions, at the QB slot and within the ranks of cheerleaders. Craig James, the last White guy to run for major yardage I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept the token presence of beautiful Afro-American women as NFL cheerleaders – I’ve got sharp observations and blunt provocations about why the numbers are so pathetically-low . . .but that’s another piece of my mind I’ll save for another time. Now when Tony Gerhart complains about Black players/fans questioning the difficulty of his path to the NFL – he’s offended. Sorry kid, but its no secret how hungry White guys are for you to succeed and shine in the NFL, where you’re pitted against the e-lite Mandingos which predominate the league. You need to represent and dominate – and there are those who will say n’ do anything to get you to gridiron god status. I believe its called affirmative action, Think “Saving Private Hillis;” Coaches, owners . . . going all-out-of- their-way to get any Great White Hope into the huddle. Corporate sponsors ejaculating over the visual of a modern-day Paul “the Golden Boy” Hornung to sell everything from cars to couches to coffins – sold to an starved White fan-base who craves someone to, dig this – identify with. . . . And of course the envious guys in the sportspress – all are more-then willing to fall on their ink pens, say anything, run a propaganda machine . . . in-order to elevate Hillis to Great White Hope stud-status – so he’s deserving of the cover of Madden. Are you serious? Really? I thought we all dwelt in an colorblind society? White people preach to me like half made Puritains how they don’t see skin color . . . . Hillis is such an Chris Collinsworth stretch, that it illustrates the lunacy and arrogance behind such an yearning. One can only guess how White guys grow weary of having their alpha-maleness, their athleticism, their ability to dance, jump, make rhythmic luv, play nicely with the other people on the planet questioned, debated and doubted. It just seems so-very odd to most of us 3rd world descendants, we Americans-of-color, how mysteriously White guys dominated . . . when the games were fixed/segregated – and now today, having to compete on a level playing field . . . White guys basically can’t play tailback nor corner-back in the league, and it must be attributed to their physical, emotional and mental limitations, for I can’ find a Black head coach, team owner, college president who won’t let them. Can you?