Hawks Crawford in rent dispute

By Off the BASN Wire
Updated: April 21, 2011

ATLANTA, GA-–Atlanta Hawks basketball player Jamal Crawford and a former landlord are involved in a dispute over a house Crawford rented for $75,000 a year, lawyers said.

Landlord Sandra Weber says she won’t give back Crawford’s security deposit because she said his three dogs damaged her house.

My landlord's full of ....

My landlord's full of ....

Crawford is suing her for $30,000 — the security deposit plus one month’s rent paid “by mistake” — as well as seeking interest and security fees, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Thursday.

Crawford, who is earning $10.1 million for the 2010-11 season, filed suit in Fulton County State Court after which Weber filed a response.

Weber says he shouldn’t get the money because he violated the lease by having three dogs, two more than allowed, in the house and that they chewed furniture and stained the carpet.

When Crawford moved out in September 2010 after renting the house for a year, Weber, along with Crawford’s real estate agent and manager, did a walk through of the home.

Some of the damage was noted during the walk through but she found additional damage after she moved back in the house, Weber said.