Hallback goes for the Title and Holyfield for Glory

By Tom Donelson BASN Staff Writer
Updated: April 20, 2011

"The Real Deal" Holyfield

IOWA CITY, IOWA—May 7th, Evander Holyfield continues his quest for a title that will never come against Brian Nielson in a 12 round bout. However the best fight of the card will between Cecilia Braehus versus Chevelle Hallback as Cecilia Braekhus will defend her multiple WBC, WBA and WBO welterweight titles. Braekhus has quick hands and pulsating jabs with the ability to move around the ring. Hallback as boxing writer Amy Green once observed, “hits like a guy. Hard.”

Cecilia Braekhus

Cecilia Braekhus

Hallback have fought some of the better fighters in the lightweight and junior welterweight divisions but she will now be fighting for a title in her first fight as a welterweight against the undefeated Braekhus. Hallback will have the advantage in the power department as she has stopped eleven of her opponent whereas Braekhus has only stopped four of her opponent in her seventeen victories. When asked why pick a championship fight in her first bout as a welterweight, Hallback responded, “This fight fell in my lap and is an opportunity to grab a championship belt. I have enough trouble getting people to fight me at lightweight.”

She added that her walking around weight is 147 pounds and to prepare for the fight, she used heavier gloves in the gym as part of her training. As for her opponent, Hallback stated, “I don’t know much about her but she has to be good for she is undefeated and a champion.” Ms. Hallback will be fighting in Ms. Braekhus backyard but as she observed, “I usually fight on the road, including winning the super featherweight title in Japan when I fought Fujin Raika in her backyard.” She doesn’t feel the pressure of fighting in Denmark for she observed, “I am not going to go for a knockout on the theory I need one to win; that will lead to a mistake. Instead I will fight my fight and if a knock out happens it happens. When I fought Raika, I dominated the fight and the judges saw that.”

Chevelle Hallback, this represent an opportunity to win a title in another weight class and cement her claim as one of Americas’ better woman fighter.

As for Holyfield, this is the continuation of his holy quest as he seeks yet another title shot but at 48, he has long been past his prime. His last bout was stopped as result of a nasty gash from a accidental head butt in a bout that he was getting pummeled in the third round by Sherman Williams. Holyfield escaped with a no contest and a shot at Nielson, who is making a comeback after a nine year break.

Nielson last fight was a victory over Uriah Grant nine years but his career has been spent fighting in Europe against mostly the second tier of heavyweight and his only brush with glory was a seven round knockout at the hand of Mike Tyson near the end of Tyson’s career. This will be Nielson second brush with glory.

Holyfield last best effort was a lost to Nikolay Valuev for Valuev WBA title as he lost a close bout and before that he lost another decision to Sultan Ibragimov for Ibragimov WBO title. Holyfield best days have since past him and all he has left is guile and one will suspect that guile will be enough to get by Nielson, a 45 year old fighter who has not been in the ring for nine years. In a battle of boxing senior citizen, Holyfield may be older but he has been in the ring recently while Nielson has been watching bouts from his living room.

This is one of those cards fought outside the vision of most boxing fans but as Chevelle Hallback stated, “It is an honor to be on the same card as Evander Holyfield, a certain Hall of Fame fighter.” Holyfield is still fighting and while many of us pundits question the reason why, it is his life. As for Hallback, the native Floridian has been a solid fighter and like many women fighters, a virtual unknown. Too bad; she is technically skill fighter worth the view.