Biosse moves forward, Lundy wins a close one

By Tom Donelson
Updated: April 2, 2011

Vladine Biosse

Vladine Biosse

Iowa City, Iowa—Vladine Biosse began the Friday night action opening up against Tim Connors in a bout of Super Middleweights, but Connors spent most of his career as a junior Middleweight and it showed in the first round. Biosse punches put Connors back on his heels and Connors spent most of the round; looking for the exit.

In the second round, Biosse simply punished Connors around the ring and with a minute left, Biosse nailed Connors with a left that buckled Connors knees. Connors tried to fight back when trapped on the rope but he got clubbed by vicious punches and one of those punches sent him down early in the round.

As Ted Atlas noted about Connors defense, “Biosse is having no trouble finding him,” and Biosse simply hit Connors at will. In the third round, the action slowed down as Biosse simply seemed contented to move forward and occasionally slugging his opponent.

In the fourth round, Connors used his leg while Biosse simply followed Connors around the ring instead of cutting off the ring. This allowed Connors to survive the early rounds.

Biosse connected on a straight left in the fifth round to end the fight and showed that he was simply a superior fighter against a game fighter with heart but as Ted Atlas observed, “Connors was ordinary in every aspect of his fight game.” Biosse fought a fighter whose best weight was two weight class lower and showed that he has much to learn.

Venezuela born Patrick Lopez challenged Henry Lundy in a bout in the lightweight division. Lopez moved down from junior welterweight division and tried to use his natural size and strength to overwhelm the smaller Lundy.

In the opening round, both fighters had their moments with Lundy with the quicker hands but Lopez showed some defensive guiles and timing. In the second round, both fighters showed some defensive skills as many punches missed and hit air more than each other. At least until the final twenty seconds as Lundy threw a left hand over Lopez right hand and sent Lopez down.

Lundy, a natural orthodox fight, occasionally fight southpaw but on this night, he began the fight in the southpaw stance against the southpaw Lopez. In the third round, Lopez survived the previous knockdown by pursuing Lundy and in the middle of the round Lundy went back to his orthodox for the rest of the round.

Both fighters fought out of the southpaw stance in the fourth round but by the end of the round Lundy switched back to orthodox while Lopez started to hit the body in an effort to slow Lundy. Throughout the sixth and seventh round, Lopez started to close the distance and Ted Atlas along with studio guest Dick Eklund (brother of Micky Ward, who also was the studio) observed that Lopez strength could proved decisive down the stretch.

Lopez trapped Lundy on the rope in the ninth round and pounded Lundy to the body plus the head. Lundy managed to counter Lopez with solid punches when Lopez stood straight up after throwing combinations.

Going into the tenth and final round, both fighters found themselves in a close fight with Lopez dominating the second half of the fight after Lundy dominated the first half. Lopez chased Lundy but Lundy speed neutralized the hard charging Lopez, taking advantage of Lopez defensive lapse. Lundy pot shot and nailed Lopez with combinations. Lundy snapped Lopez head back with solid one two combinations over the final thirty seconds to ensure the round and victory

Lundy won the decision by a unanimous decision by scores of 99-91, 97-92 95-94 and his decision came as a result of quick start in the early rounds to build a big lead to sustain him over the second half of the fight. And both fighters provided fans with a spirited, competitive fight, with Lundy being just a little bit better.