An early look at women’s hoops 2011-12

By Richard G. Kent BASN Staff Writer
Updated: April 11, 2011


  1. Baylor-Mulkey and Baylor are a winning combo.
  2. ND-Diggins is back and so are 3 starters.
  3. Duke-Great recruiting class coming in led by Williams and maybe they won’t have to play UConn again.
  4. Tennessee-Summitt has many parts back and her stare will get her team to at least the Sweet 16.
  5. UConn-The best coach in the game has a strong recruiting class coming and and Dolson will only get better.
  6. Miami-This pick is purely based on talent returning.
  7. Texas A@M-The transfer Bone will start and many return from the national Championship squad. Hopefully they won’t meet Baylor 5 times next year.
  8. Louisville-Walz has a deep and talented returning squad led by Shoni Shimmel and great recruits.
  9. Stanford-Pedersen and Pohlen are significant losses but they play in a very weak Conference.
  10. Rutgers-Not even Stringer can screw this returning team and group of freshmen up. Canty will be a stud and a certain starter