Sweet Sixteen and more

By Richard G. Kent BASN Staff Writer
Updated: March 21, 2011
So What’s Up With Pitt

CONN—They’ve done it again. This time Pitt won the regular season Big East and had a veteran no. 1 seed going into the NCAA’s. They were in an easy region,the southeast. Didn’t matter. The Panthers fell again in the Round of 32,this time to no. 8 Butler 71-70 on an amazingly dumb foul committed by Nasir Robinson in the last second of the game. Don’t blame coach Jamie Dixon for that but blame him for allowing Butler to stay so close and by squandering a chance to take a commanding lead but instead letting a shot clock violation do them in.
How Good is Kemba Walker is along with BYU’s Jimmer Fredette the best player in the tourney right now and on pure talent should lead his Connecticut Huskies to a win over San Diego State on Thursday and a probable Saturday match-up with Duke in the Elite 8. Not bad for a team picked to finish 10th in the Big East preseason.
Is The Big East Overrated
Maybe. After tonight there will only be two big East teams remaining out of 11 heading into the Sweet 16. The Conference is tough and talent laden but maybe there are no truly great teams this year.The addition of TCU in two years won’t change that.

Who Is The Best Coach

Right now Jim Calhoun. He has two National Championships at UConn but this might be his best coaching job ever,especially on offense.
Who Should Win It All
Ohio State and Kansas look like the best teams. Ohio State is young but has depth. Kansas is not as young,is well coached and also has depth. The east Region,where Ohio State is situated is a bear. The Midwest,where Kansas is located is not as difficult,but Notre Dame might be a tough out for the Jayhawks with their veteran leadership in the backcourt.