Straight No Chaser: Is Adrian Peterson working for Slave Wages?

By Desi Cortez
Updated: March 18, 2011

—- Slavery! Slavery . . . are you talking about slavery?
Adrian Peterson, the Ebony Viking residing up North has manged to get himself Black listed by White sports writers. He now joins Donavon McNabb and Isiah Thomas for speaking out-of-place. Black athletes ought be seen and never heard. AP’s comparing his day-gig as a well-paid elite gladiator with Chicken George and Kunta Kenta struck a nerve. And if he is drawing that conclusion . . . I’m a little upset with
Caucassian sports writers, NFL players and fans across America who somehow, someway feel knowledgeable, informed and even obligated – to disagree with him. How dare you! What the hell do, yes you people know about slavery . . . ?
You, your great, great, great grand-folks happen to be on the other side of the whip . . . . . The vast majority of White folks either supported slavery openly or supported it via their silence and complacency. With that noted, honestly, of all the folks in this country, white guys? Many – if not most “of privilege” and still they’ve the audacity to lambaste a Black man for believing he’s being pimped and exploited?
Really? I understand the obvious confusion; million dollar slaves. It’s akin to “can a whore be raped?”
At first both seem impossible. Yet, after looking a little deeper you realize “well yes, a whore can be raped.” I can also argue NFL gladiators, like 1799 Afro-American slaves – generate billions in profits . . . for wealthy, conservative (sexist/elitist/racist) White folks, nevertheless the NFL barbarian’s cut is woefully lacking to the point some might suggest the average NFL player . . . labors for “slave wages” in comparison to the actual income his blood, sweat n’ tears generate. You have heard of “slave wages” right? But let’s walk n’ talk; the damning observations of the former slave masters are merely conjecture if not irrelevant and meaningless within this subject matter, end of story. These journalistic cat’s weighing in on AP’s comments does nothing but pour petrol on my already a-blaze ass. It’s undeniable to anyone with a set-of-eyes and ears – the sports media world is over-flowing with envious, jealous, insulted White guys – who use their pens as fictitious extensions of their penises to attack Black athletes, to wage war against the guy who stole their starting position on the high school team, the black jock who took your little Red Riding Hood cheerleader girl friend back in college or the Black Alpha male who beat the you-know-what out of your lily White team in the semi-finals and these angry, bitter White dudes are I say- incapable of rendering an objective, non-bias comment when it comes to Black Americans. So consider there’s a damn good chance the “sports-journalist” weighing, measuring n’ pounding this particular topic is a card-carrying Republican Tea Party member. That card’s akin to having a “Junior KKK decoder-ring and ID card and white cape.” Nor need I interject the racist, racist history of the men who operate the NFL; the well documented resistance to integration at every level of the game. I know, I know, I know, I’m branding America’s sports industry as racist displaying their blind-contempt and disdain for Blacks . . . and that’s precisely what I think, I’m not alone and yes, it’s that simple, and clearly they ain’t the only organization, institution nor individual in these so-called US of A, who simply . . . don’t like Black people. From Jack Johnson on . . . there’s been a lynch-mob masquerading as a sports media corp, The White Press of Jack Johnson’s era created, crafted the whole concept of a Great White Hope, and that yearning for “Super White men” runs deep still today, actually more so now today then ever before, because of Black sportsmen redefining of this country’s national pastimes. Take that desire along with this present-day absolute dismissal of US History 101; dismissal of the damage resulting from the “controlled genocide” waged upon a whole race – 400 years of American apartheid. The WASP initiated and enforced concept of segregated everything – including, yes . . . cemeteries. . . segregated even in death. . . ?
Put it all together, yes I think there’s a lot of strange psychotic crap going on in the minds of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck’s followers. A large dose of feelings of inferiority and less endowment which long-ago produced a blind-hatred of Black people.
Consider the hostile and dismissive attitudes towards Blacks – White America has issues with Black men speaking their minds on anything relevant. The White sports writers of America are letting Petersen feel their misplaced self-righteous wrath. So as a American-of-Color, both my parents black, my father a shotgun carrying Black Panther, from South-Central LA, my mother, who picked cotton with me in her belly down in Dixie, now granted there’s a couple of Cubans mixed in there . . . nevertheless I can offer this official Black man observation; Adrian Peterson’s viewpoint is a stretch. I do understand the stretch “All Day” Peterson is trying to make, everybody in America is over-worked and under-payed but the self-anointed aristocrats, like NFL plantation owners, who do represent America’s top tier, top 2% -harbor no qualms about hording all the profits, paying out what in comparison to their take is . . . slave wages. And since we know Rush Limbaugh breaks bread with many of the NFL owners – clearly behind closed doors we know we’ve got millionaire Rednecks running teams like cotton plantations. Here, let’s go with this; NFL players, coaches, staff, vendors, parking lot attendants, popcorn pushers, everybody is being pimped, played, hustled and exploited by the fat-cat owners – that’s how Jerry Jones and his aristocratic peers walk away with billions in profits, billions – by hoarding the profits . . . welcome to America, the land of capitalism . . . gone wild. Now beyond that economic connection – there ain’t one, and grant me but a moment to tell you how it really is. Come with me if you will to yesteryear, circa say 1827. Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, anywhere, anyplace below the Mason Dixon Line . . . Envision, in HD Technicolor and surround-a-sound, on a 78 inch screen . . . all the human property, all the slaves made to gather in the courtyard behind the big-house where Master Jenkins has “Roebuck” tied to a tree. Roebuck, a slave, has ran away again, his 5th attempt at freedom. To send a direct and deliberate message to all of his 68 slaves, Master Jenkins is going to forgo the typical 50 lashes with the bull-whip. (A drastic Nigger demands drastic action . . .) so in the courtyard also strung up to a big old Oak tree is “Lottie, ” Roebucks wife/mate, or at least the women Jenkin’s purchased from Georgia with the thought she’d “make big Black bucks’ if paired with – big Black Mandingo Bucks like Roebuck. Lottie is about 8 months pregnant, about ready to “pop.” All the slaves are there, and the indentured Irish and Italian servants, but these Europeans well understand what they’re about to witness is a fate only reserved for human property, not fully humans like themselves. Jenkins explains that the runaways must cease, and that he’s left with no other option then to “send a message” and make an example of Roebuck. Jenkins pulls out a large Bowie Knife he got from his injune fightin’ brother out west in Texas, approaches Lottie, who’s screaming by now, and with one swift move Jenkins splits her stomach open, and her unborn-baby falls to the dirt, begins to cry, nevertheless master Jenkins stomps on the infants head and torso until she, a baby girl stops moving . . . as has Lottie. The thought is no other man will run away for awhile. Scared straight. Straight out of Wille Lyche’s widely read ‘instruction manual.” See, that’s the slavery hardly educated and enlighten jocks grasp. That’s the horrific history Euro-American Sports Writers don’t know a damn thing about . . . and don’t choose to know anything about. It all happened so long ago it doesn’t matter. And it was done to people not seen as fully human, and that perception is alive n’ well within the Republican Tea Party. Those “Real Americans” walking around mis-quoting their founding-fathers and brandishing the Confederate Stars n’ Bars of treasonous Southern Benedict Arnold’s who rose-up, picked-up arms in-order to maintain the south’s peculiar institution of slavery. The right to enslave people. So actually, when it’s all said n’ done, I’ve got major issues with mildly educated dumb-asses like Ryan Grant , Heath Evans tossing around, discussing and dissecting something they don’t really know a damn thing about. And I respect Rashard Mendenhall for standing up, defending AP . . . stand strong young men, here the bastards come.