“Straight No Chaser….”

By Desi Cortez
Updated: March 23, 2011

DENVER, CO.—Barry Bonds is placing his fate, his destiny . . . in the hands of 12 individuals . . . and only, only 2 are Afro-American . . . Barry done went and lost his mind. His entire mind. Barry’s squadron of lawyers seem to be placing Barry in harms way. Considering the America we live in, where race is the defining and dividing line within our culture, allowing Bonds to be weighed n’ measured, in an American court of law, by what clearly will be a few “angry” white people . . . this leaves me dumbfounded. Don’t these legal lizards understand what damn near lily White jury’s have done to Black Americans? Do they not realize what these “do-gooders” will do to that woman wearing the toga dress, blind-folded, walkin’ a’round with those scales of justice? Lady Justice will be bent over and anally raped by these ruthless bastards in their hunt to hang the multi-millionaire uppity-nigger who surpassed America’s Greatest White Hope, Babe Ruth’s already hammered into oblivion home run record. Another Black man, who like Tiger treated White women like they were disposable bimbos. . . and another who didn’t kiss the ass of jealous, envious and highly bitter White male sports journalist. It’s better to be judged by 12 . . . then carried by six? And let’s just suppose for a Motor City moment – a dime out-of the dozen, by coincidence, of-course, just happen to not like Black people – since apparently millions upon millions of White folks don’t. Are, are we as Black Americans suppose to pretend that’s not the case? From the day African slaves stepped-off the Mayflower we’ve been abandoned and betrayed by the US legal system, as Sir Richard of Pryor said; justice in America . . . is just-for-us and few others. The courts of the land, from the bottom Supreme Court to the top, the court of public opinion – feel no need to indite Big George W. and Little Dick Cheney for War Crimes . . . but half the members of the UN does? Isn’t that odd? Cheney outed an active CIA agent and endangered the lives of countless secret agents – and the political/legal systems sits on their asses. Ollie North and Bush 42′ ‘ are free men, and Ronald “666” Ray-Gun will have his likeness carved on Mount Rushmore by some perfectly sane Republican Tea Party member, by hand, OK, with a hammer n’ chisel . . . and there’s little honest debate as to if these men didn’t orchestrate “Iran/Compton/Contra/Crack/Crip/Cop-Gate . . .” Push deadly drugs to fight an illegal war in a foreign country, and both remain “Patriots,” home-grown heroes in the eye’s of “real Americans. “ I’ve learned, having been black for almost half-a-century, to never be shocked by my Caucasian friend’s duplicity and hypocrisy – their selective implementation of high morals, values and standards . . . only when it serves the best interest of the rank n’ file Red-neck’s grand pooh pah leadership -Dick Army, The Brothers Koch and the rest of Forbes fabulously rich. I’ve learned to seldom be rocked by this nation’s White slight-majority who only need an excuse to “throw the book at the Nigger, make an example of him, send them all a message . . . hang em high at sunset.” I’m here to loudly suggest, that on any given day in America . . . some Black person doesn’t get a fair.trail . . . because they’re Black. And that injustice sit’s in the laps of White judges and jurors – individuals who’ve got that “sixth sense” to go with that extra right toe, who go with their “gut Negro Whisperer instincts” . . . and screw the facts. They feed this nation’s desire to build more prisons then Princeton’s or Pepperdines, a nation which witnesses every year the release of Black people from prisons who were falsely imprisoned by overzealous White folks – Cops, DA’s, jurors, experts, witnesses, you name it. That’s the terrifying aspect of this; White folks who blindly despise Black people, and other folks-of-color . . . obviously come in all walks of life; hating niggers, Spics, Chinks, Rag-heads and Injunes is an “American thing.” Let’s be perfectly clear about this; erroneously convicted and imprisoned Afro-Americans who receive unwarranted, unjustifiable and indefensible sentences – these travesties aren’t by chance nor happenstance – instead they reflect a widespread, deeply seeded and totally entrenched racist attitude which is a binding thread running through US History; The complete disrespect, contempt and savage-like hostility showed all Americans-of-color. The malice, contempt and indifference White America held for Black folks throughout the first three centuries or so . . . is painfully visible still today. White America does not trust Black people, especially the president. And more then anything else – they don’t like a Black man at the helm of America . . . it just does not feel right. Barry Bonds, like Mike Vick, like any Alpha Male in a position of visibility – is a target. His being able to count his mool-lah by the millions, that merely adds insult to injury. Barry’s talkin’ down to White reporters, discussing “race” in sports and not sounding like George Foreman or Floyd Patterson – that’s what inflamed White sports writers and fans. I don’t know about you, but I’m at the point where what Bonds faces, coupled with what Obama faces, what I face, my son faces, my wife – what all Black folks face in these so-called United States of America, has pushed me to a point of . . . either I stay here and fight, because that’s what’s it’s going to take to get respect in America or I leave. America . . . love it or leave it? What about if America won’t love me back? Even after building it with our blood, sweat and tears, defending it with our lives . . . . At this point, when a Black man still is denied the right to be weighed, measured and pounded by his peers, when the nation’s first Black President’s little girls, wife and aging mother-in-law receive more death threats then the last 3 presidents combined, when Black unemployment is at 25% and police in every major city have declared “open season” on Black males . . . it might very well be time to leave Dodge. LBJ, MLK couldn’t legislate morality . . . the vast majority of White folks appear to be unable to mix n’ mingle willingly and comfortably with anybody but the guy they see in the mirror – so let’s not fight them, let’s exit, stage left, I don’t know where we’re going, but let’s get the hell out of America – let them have it. All I can say to angry pissed off Tea baggers . . . be careful what you pray to your god for.