Straight . . . No Chaser

By Desi Cortez
Updated: March 15, 2011

Denver, CO.—-Here’s a stark reality; most folks won’t be robbed by a gun-toting thug. No, instead far too-many of us will be taken to the bank . . . by a banker – a serpent in alligator loafers, shark skin suit and claiming Ivy League/Wall Street credentials. Everything is not as it appears . . . . Eradicating organized labor, undermining worker-ant solidarity, that’s what’s really going on right under our noses. Class warfare waged by the world class wealthy against us workers bees. The Trickle Down Theory is being rammed down the throats of the average, everyday Fred and Wilma Flintstone. It’s like Mr. Slate has gone mad, insane. Corporate extremism on display. Let me give it to you straight, no chaser; mortally, fatally wounding organized labor is precisely what the landlords, the haves and have every-things yearn for, and the desire is nothing new, it’s been so since Ludlow and even before – hording resources, maximizing profits via any means required, putting “the market” (people/families) through as much as it can bear while in-search-of endless ever-growing profits, that was the bulls-eye in Wisconsin from the start. It’s the fat-cat national blueprint. I can think of no legit debate that can be had about “intent” or “motivation,” the evidence speaks World Book Encyclopedia volumes; the prime factor being – dismantling labor unions – increasing profits, i.e., greed, but also undermining a major revenue stream of the Democratic Left – erasing, eradicating . . . eliminating political and economical competition. Some of the same sentiment plays a role in the NFL owners obscene power grab; at the end of the day the leagues aristocratic ownership cartel wants to “break ” the players union while holding their victory over the well paid gladiators high, for all elitist to see – as an incentive to attack organized labor on any step of the economic ladder – well paid gladiators all the way down to lowly teachers, firemen and police. . . . Please, many of these football fat-cats break bread with Rush Limbaugh, who maintains an open engraved invite to numerous n’ various NFL and MLB owners penthouse suites in coliseums across the land, and over the last few weeks, since Wisconsin Governor (for the time-being) Walker began his assault against organized labor, Rush has insulted. slighted, bitch-slapped and back-stabbed the American worker – nonetheless it won’t get him exiled from any NFL owners royal box. This drug addicted sexist, racist and elitist hypocritical ground-sloth amplifies the wet dreams of the rich. Tragically Rush and the rest of the Red-Neck rabble-rousers have the rank n’ file and note, none of these good ol boys bring home six figures, yet Limbaugh has them shooting themselves in their own asses, their own wallets. Working class White trash voting and supporting legislation which is against their own best interest – out of some twisted fear those who are “unworthy” will reap some welfare check which comes out of their hard working, real American pocket. Slow down, take your time, don’t walk by this one – Rush is a friend to many a team/plantation owner – obviously some NFL owners see the world like Rush Limbaugh. Translation they despise FDR, MLK, LBJ, Che, JFK, Mr.X, and RFK . . . . Limbaugh represents and sings the sweet song of unbridled, unchecked, Liaise-Fare capitalism. He endorses the run-of-the-mill US citizen underwriting the industrial/military /pharmaceutical/insurance/banking industry . . . while selfishly, pompously touting his Every man for himself, I am not my brother’s keeper . . . I got mine – you get yours, survival of the financially fattest n’ fittest view of the world and life. The cozy man-luv shared between Rush and the NFL round-table is troublin’ but nonetheless a telling tid-bit about how these country club aristocrats see the world and the tiny people who inhabit it. Ownership. management, administration, the US investor class – the patriotic folks who also rather invest in private prisons then public education. Even high school history tells us these elements in the economic equation prefer their workers not merely un-organized, but preferably disorganized – John Q. Public kickin’ Jane Q.Privates ass – it’s easier to screw folks who’ve no unity. If you think that bottom-line thought doesn’t run down the Wall Street paved minds of these NFL Barons then you’re deluding yourself. After damn near destroying what’s left of once proud and powerful labor unions, the Minimum Wage will come into their sights. These attacks aren’t by happenstance nor coincidence, but rather they’re pre-meditated, methodical, diabolical steps in a larger blueprint designed to turn back the hands of time on the advancements achieved via the blood, sweat, tears of Bayrad Rustin, Mother Jones, Paul Robenson, Ceasar Chavez, Upton Sinclair, John L Lewis, A. Philip Randolph, Saul Alinsky, C. Wright Mills, and Jimmy Hoffa . . . . What America’s semi-disinterested population is witnessing today is a desperate attempt by the careless n’ clueless disciples of Ronnie “666” Ray-Gun to ram “Voodoo Economics’ down working class Americans throats. These cold blooded “supply side” bastards have no problem trying to drag the American worker down to the level of workers all around the 3rd world. They, 2% of the US population want to fatten their already fat “take” by taking from you and me, the 98% of the population/workforce that do all the heavy lifting. America’s ownership and investor segments of society want to drink, no gulp from wells they did not help dig. They wish to hoard the profits of all industries and sectors of the US Economy. The top-tier is obese with wealth, while the American worker is starving, stretching a dollar bill till the eagle grins . . . not bringing home any more today than the first year of Reagan’s Presidency. Folks living the ‘high life” refuses to rebuild this country’s crumbling infrastructure, they oppose high-speed elevated Meg-Lev trains cris-crossing this land – there’s not the instant financial gratification one can attain by manufacturing washing machines, wide screens and freezers employing peasants for 2 dollars-a-day on the other-side of the globe. Anti-unionist cutthroat corporatist, which all good elitist are – harbor no allegiance to the American worker, they fly no flag but the “Jolly Roger” – the “skull n’ cross bones of Pirates, licensed to steal at will. Stop, look; this is the same Benedict Arnold class of Americans who were content during the Great Depression to let Americans “eat cake,” the same ones who began to export Blue collar bread-winner” gigs abroad back in the early 1970’s because organized workers had made it difficult to pimp and exploit the “little people” who were doing all the work – and that exodus of the industrial and manufacturing cornerstones of the “American Dream” was only a hint of the economic sabotage and financial treason to come. Need we note Dr. King had angered the identical “e-lite establishment” the powers-that-be by stepping out of “Nigger Affairs” and broadening his scope to include the war along the Pacific Rim and labor issues. Recall he was in Memphis on April 4th arguing for the working conditions and rights of Black Garbage men. The NFL is but another battlefield between labor and well organized rich men; high paid gladiators, most of whom hale from the bottom of society pitted against socialites, notables . . . America’s royalty. And note; the owners object, reject in effort by the “help” to the NFL Players Association’s proposal that any revenue they give back to owners in a new agreement be tied to ownership stakes in the NFL, they’ve pushed during negotiations for a piece of the pie. NFL mouthpiece Bob Batterman has flatly told them: “My clients aren’t interested in being partners with your guys.” The only way to make these bastards eat their words . . . dig A. Phillip Randolph’s words; “The history of the labor movement in America proves that the employing classes recognize no race lines. They will exploit a White man as readily as a Black man… They will exploit any race or class in order to make profits. The combination of Black and White workers will be a powerful lesson to the capitalists.