Soccer In America

By Arno G.
Updated: March 14, 2011

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The Great One, Pele

The Great One, Pele

Vienna, Austria—What are these lines: Many people ask and want to know when soccer in America will finally experience its upswing. Generally, soccer players are one of the highest and best paid athletes in the entire sports industry. Everybody loves soccer so why doesn´t America want to catch on to this wave? In the United States, basketball and football are the most popular and supported sports in history. It is because people simply love high scoring games and fast action like they get in both of these game variants.

In order to make soccer popular in America they have to get the best players in the world, and this means that the US league would have to catch on in many areas. The game is not as popular as in Europe and Mexico, but it is developing and making its way up to the top sooner than later. The first American and Canadian league was organized in 1993 and still consists of the original 14 teams. Because more and more Americans definitely take the time to watch big events and tournaments such as the European and World Mastership, the fans want to have more action in their own league. Since LA Galaxy caught the former Manchester United superstar David Beckham, the North American League made a great step towards popularity.

In 1994 the United States hosted the “World Cup,” which is one of the most popular and supported soccer events in the entire world. This absolutely made a big boom for North America and helped for an upswing in popularity. Even though soccer may not be entirely developed, it is indicating a gain in popularity and also GREAT players until 2015. This fact also led the women´s team to compete in the Olympics which definitely made the sport more popular in North America.

Soccer in America has clearly improved since 2003. The sport also accomplished a remarkable upswing in popularity in 2010. Because the teams are motivated to get more top European players into their own teams, it becomes more and more popular in Canada and the United States. Major League Soccer, which is the biggest league in America, plans to join the European Leagues and/or CL (Champions League). In order to compete against great teams from Europe, North America has to convince more and more top players to join their teams. For a professional to become the best soccer player it is important to have the consistent chance to compete against the best players in the world. If that is not the case, they will quickly lose motivation because the competition is simply not there. American teams will have to offer big enough salaries along with the ability to win championships in order to great players onto their team.

The experts definitely calculate and estimate that it will take time for soccer to fully develop in the United States. If one sport or game gains in value a different sport or game generally decreases in value. That means that popularity mostly goes from one variant to the other and the number of people who support and watch the sport changes. The good news is that more families watch both American and European soccer on TV now. Some of them even support one of the 14 existing teams.

It has to be mentioned that soccer in America also hit many colleges and schools pretty hard. More and more students are playing soccer in physical education, along with the already established and well accepted games such as basketball and football. It is great that many parents support their children getting started in soccer because they want their children to have more recreation and relaxation. After our younger generation is jumping from football or basketball to soccer they realize that this game has its own intelligence and appeal.

Because of the increased interest that hasn’t seemed to stop, very soon the game will be getting the attention it deserves. However, it is important for fans and supporters to stay patient, because it will take time for soccer to finally join the biggest leagues and achieve acceptance because of it. For the people who simply want to get more out of this sport, they can watch matches on TV, and observe how soccer in America gains in popularity.