Martinez the best Middleweight

By Tom Donelson BASN Staff Writer
Updated: March 16, 2011

IOWA City, IOWA–Sergio Martinez defended his Middleweight title against Ukranian fighter Serhiy Dzinziruk and the winner would be the best Middleweight in the world, regardless of what is the sanctioning body.

From the start of the fight, Martinez out jabbed Dzinziruk, who was considered the superior jabber and in the second round, he kept his hands down, challenging Dzinziruk to throw punches, so he could counter.. His jabbing set up his ability to connet straight left over Dzinziruk jab.

In the third round, Dzinziruk started to connect and close the distance against the faster Martinez while connecting on a couple of solid left. Martinez still out jabbed the Ukranian fighter but the round was closer than the first two stanza.

In the fourth round, Dzinziruk knee hit the ground after Martinez straight left connected. Dzinziruk got off quickly and it was more of a flash knockdown than imposing shot.

Martinez was throwing punches from different angles and at times confused Dzinziruk.

Martinez hammered Dzinziruk as he began the fifth round jabbing but at the end of the round, a straight left that sent Dzinziruk as part of a four punch combination that start with a jab followed by a straight left, a second jab before the final straight left knocking down Dzinziruk. Martinez followed up the fifth round with an impressive sixth round as he jabbed to set up combinations.

Dzinziruk started to reach Martinez with his shots in the seventh round and there were times Dzinziruk trapped Martinez on the rope for the first time in the bout. At the end of the round Dzinziruk looked like he was crawling into the fight.

In the eighth round, Martinez jabbed and took back the momentum as he connected on a straight left that sent Dzinziruk down for the third time. Dzinziruk barely got up and Martinez jumped on him to send him down a second town. Dzinziruk struggled to get up one more timeand his leg wobbled as he tried to defend himself. At this point, resistance was futile as Martinez left sent Dzinziruk down a third and final time.

Martinez showed HBO fans why he is the best Middleweight and while this fight was not considered a championship fight, it was a title fight in reality as Dzinziruk was the undefeated WBO light middleweight titleholder. Martinez dominated a good opponent easily and sent a man down five times who never hit the canvas in the past. At 36, Martinez showed the quickness of a fighter a decade younger. Sergio Martinez showed boxing fans that his recent victory over Paul Williams was no fluke and he may be one of the best pound for pound fighters.

The first bout was dubbed the Celtic battle between Irish Andy Lee fighting Scotland Craig McEwan. Lee nailed right hook twice that stunned Craig McEwan in the opening round and bloodied McEwan nose. In the second round, McEwan tried to time Lee counter as he connected on several solid lefts and ended the round by nailing Lee with several solid straight lefts.

McEwan started to pressured Lee, forcing Lee to retreat while connecting on solid combinations. Lee looked confused as he could not seemed force McEwan back liked he did in the first round. In the fourth round, McEwan dominated Lee as he connected on three times as many punches and Lee spent most of the round on the rope as he was constantly trapped as McEwan used body shots to slow Lee down.

McEwan continued fifth round by nailing body shots as Lee missed with his counters. With a minute left, McEwan connected on a beautiful straight left. Over the last minute, McEwan pounded Lee and with fifteen seconds left, a McEwan straight left turned Lee around. Lee was saved by the bell as McEwan did not have enough time to finished off Lee. This proved crucial.

Lee started to comeback a little bout as McEwan looked tired, giving Lee an opportunity to box a little bit even though McEwan connected on more shots. This was the closet bout of the fight at this point as Lee may not have won the round but he managed to hit McEwan and McEwan looked worn out at the end of the round.

In the seventh round, Lee started to get back into the fight as he forced McEwan to retreat and McEwan continued to look worn out despite the fact, he was the one doing most of the punching over the first six rounds.

Lee went back to jabbing to open the eighth round as McEwan slowed down even further and Lee managed to open a cut over McEwan eyes. Lee started to follow up the jab with a straight left.

Both fighters started to brawl in the ninth round as they pounded each other with neither gaining advantage until the last 20 seconds, when a Lee straight left sent McEwan down and nearly out. With one more round left, McEwan found himself in a tight fight that he was easily winning

Lee decided to go for the knockout and attacked McEwan with nasty right hooks and straight left. Over the first minute of the fight, Lee aggressive fight forced tired McEwan to retreat. His punches appeared to hurt McEwan and he faked a right jab before stopping McEwan with a straight right hand. Lee saved his career with a knockout victory. In a fight that he was easily losing, he started his comeback in the seventh round and from there snatch victory from the jaws of defeat