Is Brandon being “Branded”

By Desi Cortez BASN staff writer
Updated: March 5, 2011

Denver, CO.–Religious extremist. Fanatical racist, sexist and elitist nuts masking their phobias and prejudices behind dug-up biblical tablets . Glenn Beck’s tribe . . . .That’s the first thoughts which came to mind when the Brandon Davies story broke, and the next was – I hope this kid takes his talent and skills somewhere else.

Let the “F-off Nigger “luv letters begin . . .

Brandon Davies is the precise reason why Americans-of-Color ought not attend Brigham Young’s University – their elements of the University community which have bull’s eyes stamped on their foreheads. He’s not the only starter on that BYU squad having sex – I refuse to accept it. But he is a hi-profile Afro-American player having sex with a White girl.

End of story.

Here, let’s not beat around the burning bush . . . I’m sorry, my folks raised me to tell the truth, they didn’t go too deep into instructing me about “sparing grown folks fragile feelings” when doing so.

With that thought in mind, let me reiterate Americans-of-Color ought to know better then to attend a school in a state, where if you poll it’s population – their political mindset and social attitudes are “right” of people in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and South Carolina . . . racist, sexist, elitist and religiously fanatical.

Davies could be a younger version of President Obama . . . and he’d surely still be public enemy #1 in about a dozen or so states including Utah.

As bad as wanting to grow-up to be like President Obama in those states . . sporting a snowflake. . like Danica Mendivil a former Utah high school standout now playing volleyball at Arizona State. This is the women Davies fornicated with, stained, and for whatever the reason this little tid-bit just might be detrimental to your collegiate basketball career at BYU.

I wonder if they’ll brand a big “NL’on her forehead or banish her from the kingdom?

At the next level; lets ponder this simple point the BYU grand Pooh-Pahs didn”t have to brand, bar n’ ban Davies from the team – they decided to throw the book at young Mr. Davies. They chose to make an example of him – by supposedly adhering to some higher moral ground then the rest of us.

Between the primitive religious non-sense and the age-old racism its enough to make one vomit. I just hope it makes this kid transfer.

Can we all agree, in Utah, and of all places at BYU, the Mormon Vatican – deemed the hallow, holy headquarters for all that is good and White . . . this brother walking around campus, White girl back-in-town, visiting for the big game, hanging on Davies Letterman-jacket clad arm, that vivid technicolor hologram in the Rocky Mountain holy land . . . ignites a fire under many a White guy who simply “just doesn’t like it.” Which wouldn’t be any different then what his dad, grand dad, the whole family tree has proudly maintained since the days of Joseph Smith.

Somebody disgusted, someone envious or merely just twisted individual dropped a dime on Brad. Derailed his career for the moment . Go read the Utah newspaper website’s message boards, the holier-than-thou self-anointment is obvious. And to believe this kid was not monitored/stalked by the Mormon Gestapo is shallow thinking. Just listen to the debates the members themselves carry-out, the damnation of the free ex-Mormons . . . like the Seven Day Adventist, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Baptist, Methodist, Catholics, Lutherans, Pentecostal fruitcakes and all the rest – the internal, behind the scenes activities of these legitimized cults is alarming.

I ask the Gods to please protect me from your followers. yeah, fanatical fundamentalist religious zealots gone mad . . . they’ve got their own state.

That’s Louis Farrakhan’s reoccurring wet dream.

Interracial dating does not play in places like BYU, In parts of Utah, maybe, St. George maybe, maybe , maybe, but I doubt the White girls hanging out with brothers . . . in public at least are held in high esteem amongst Mormon Church members.

The harsh reality of what is race relations in America may be a history, a perspective Brandon Davies is lacking; the vast majority of Black folks have an innate, inherent sense about what pisses off masta’ – we’ve an understanding of how to stay healthy and alive in the White man’s world, our mothers and fathers teach it to us.

Davies was adopted by a single White women who has two other adopted kids who’re from India. He grew up in Provo Utah . . . If he had any real perspective on what sleeping with White women does to White men . . . he may have got it from an Emmet Till or Scottsboro Boys documentary . . . because he couldn’t have gotten too much info from home. The world may be a colorblind place to Davies mother . . . but it’s not to most Mormons or run-of-the-mill White folks.

And that’s no slight towards Brad’s momma, matter-of-fact, “word to your momma,” she is a saint for raising kids people throw-away.

It’s just that it’s hard enough trying to prepare kids-of-color for life in America, now try to be White and do it. A white Mormon and do it. Their attitudes and observations never coincide with Americans-of-color on matter which matter. Most didn’t even vote for Obama, let-along believe him to be a good and decent man.

Isn’t that the horrific shame now in the United States?

No, not that interracial dating is still frowned upon by about half of White America that’s predictable. What stuns me is the wide spread opinion Obama is not a good man. Not a good role model., not a good father nor husband .

His steady climb from the out-house to the White House is belittled and slighted around the clock; his humble orgins, erratic childhood, all American adolescent and teenage life, he played on the state basketball championship team, smoked a little pot, worked on Wall Street and walked the streets of the Windy City as a yes, Commie/pinko/liberal/Black militant Marxist community activist.

Obama’s nowhere near good enough for “real” America, i.e., White America, he’s honestly little more then an “uppity Nigger” in the minds of most proud Rednecks – from the ones who make a few million a year to the ones in trailer parks and the rank n’ file in the middle.

If Davies’ politics were too far to the Left, if he saw this country, the world, anything like most Americans-of-color do . . .and that were found out . . . there could have been an attempt to “get the nigger.” Please, in this day n’ age, let’s stop that whole “golly gee – I don’t think color plays a role in this . . .” that won’t play in a post-Obama America, where the Right in this nation is conducting an vivid reenactment of Chicken Little’s “the sky is falling!”

Skin color plays a significant if not primer role in White America’s perspectives and outlooks on everything under the sun. Just as it has for the last few centuries . . . Brandon Davies dating a younger Caucasian Mormon girl, her father an executive in a mid-size inter-continental company . . . is an agitating and aggravating prospect in the conservative Mormon mind.

You do know hate mongering Right Wing wing-nut Glenn Beck is a Mormon, and it’s clear he’s as racist as the day’s long . . . and its clear he’s not alone in his viewpoints. The Republican Tea Party is almost marching lock-in-step with him, all this “new Klan” requires now are the sheets. Nor does anyone need to go any further then to “Google Mormons and Blacks.” Merely take a look at the agreed upon history of the school, the religion and the state of Utah/ BYU and Afro-Americans.

Just take a quick Google gander at the history of BYU sports and race. Don’t take my word, just open your eyes. Key-in “Oct. 17, 1969, Tony McGee and the Wyoming 14″

Look at the prevailing Mormon/Utah attitudes related to Mexicans; there’s a move to resurrect the “NO Dogs – No Mexicans” signs like Arizona is doing. . These are folks deliberately, voluntary ignorant to American History 101,The History Channel and their commie/pinko/ liberal /Marxist high school teachers . . .

Columbus, planting a flag didn’t translate into discovering America anymore then Neal A. Armstrong discovering the moon by planting Ole glory on it. General George A. Custer was not hero, nor were Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull terrorist or savages . . . they were the freedom fighters in this human equation. . . according to historians spread to the four-corners of the globe.

In every corner but those dozen states which are discussing seceding from the Union . . . again.

Why would any young American-of-Color want to enrich the pockets of BYU I’ll never understand, but hopefully Brandon Davies will take his game, and White girl friend somewhere else where the population is not so hostile.