Dizzy Dez

By Off the BASN Wire
Updated: March 24, 2011

DALLAS, Tx.—Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was issued a warning at a Dallas mall after a clash with a guard, police said.

A police report cited by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said an off-duty policeman working security at NorthPark Center Saturday asked Bryant and three friends to pull up their pants because their underwear was showing.

Bryant then cursed at officers and refused to leave until his representative or attorney arrived, authorities said.

The Dallas Morning News said the police report states Bryant “has had a pattern of behavior at NorthPark Center involving security/off-duty police.”

KXAS-TV reported Bryant has been banned from the mall for 90 days, but he and his adviser, David Wells, deny that.

“They did not give us a citation, a warning, or nothing,” Wells said. “The officer said it wasn’t going to be nothing.”

The police report says Bryant’s previous incidents at the mall include “a major disturbance” at P.F. Chang’s with an unknown woman and an episode at the Apple Store when an officer had to intervene after he tried to cut in line.

The Cowboys declined comment.