Cotto defeats Mayorga

By Tom Donelson BASN staff writer
Updated: March 13, 2011

Ricardo Mayorga

Ricardo Mayorga

IOWA City IOWA—When Ricardo Mayorga defeated Vernon Forest, there was a moment that boxing found a new star as the very abrasive Mayorga proved to entertaining outside the ring as in the ring. Mayorga never fulfilled his potential and simply became the answer to what if? His opponent, Miguel Cotto was one of the better fighters in boxing; combining boxing skills with power. This was considered a championship bout but in reality, it was a fight designed to fatten the pocketbook of both fighters and give Mayorga one last chance of glory.

Mayorga is the kind of fighter who simply attacks and his chance over the more skilled Cotto was simply get Cotto in a fire fight. In the first two rounds, Mayorga looked like he was going to get that brawl as both fighters exchanged blows in a tight bout.

In the third round, Mayorga threw a right that was blocked and Cotto countered. Mayorga waved Cotto to come inside but Cotto stayed on the outside as he nailed Mayroga with some shots.

In the fifth round, Cotto moved inside and landed some good shots to the body and head. Cotto stunned Mayorga with an uppercut and when Mayorga charged, Cotto took one step back and fired a combination to the body that stopped Mayorga. Cotto jab controlled the acton in the opining 20 seconds of the following rounds as Mayorga missed with some wild shots. Mayorga did managed to connect on a body shot that forced Cotto to retreat but at the end of the round, Cotto nailed Mayorga with a left hook and an uppercut, concluding with a right at the bell.

In the seventh round, Mayorga stunned Cotto with a right and forced Cotto to be on the defensive in the last minute of the round. Mayorga right hand help deliver his best round and Cotto jabbed and threw left hooks where as Mayorga hammered away with his clubbing right hand. Cotto picked his spots in between Ricardo wild punches to counter effectively.

In the ninth round, a Mayorga left hook knocked Cotto off balanced and throughout the round managed to connect on some nice combination and fired an uppercut in the last minute that sent Cotto head up quickly.

In the tenth round, Cotto jab landed regularly as he knocked Mayorga head back but near the end of the round, Mayorga managed to land some shots but with two rounds left, Cotto appeared to have a safe lead on the score card..

In the eleventh round, Mayorga tried to entice Cotto into a brawl but Cotto stayed on the outside and struck Mayorga with two quick jabs and the twelfth round started with a Cotto left hook that sent Mayorga down. Mayorga beat the count but his hand appeared to be hurt. As Cotto closed in, Mayorga told the referee that he can’t continue. Antonio Tarver feared that Mayorga may have broken his hand and Cotto got his win.

Cotto won the fight and defended his title, showing that he is still one of the best and Mayorga at 38 showed that while he is tough with heavy hands, he showed that time passed him by. .

In the first game, Miguel Vazquez defended his IBF featherweight champion against Leonardo Zappavigna and began the fight by effectively jabbing Zappavigna. Those jabs opened up a cut over Zappavigna, who continued to move forward into the Vazquez jabbing machine. Zappavigna went after Vazquez with wild punches but failed to connect too often.

In the middle of the fight, Zappavigna connected on body shots including some solid rights while disrupting Vazquez rhythm. In the eighth round, Vazquez got his momentum back by jabbing and boxing. Zappavigna threw wild punches whereas Vazquez picked him apart. As the fight wound down, Zappavigna left eye swelled to go with his right eye. Vazquez won an easy decision.

In the second bout, Pawel Wolak started out relentless against the quick boxing but light punching Yuri Foreman. Over the first two rounds Wolak strategy was simply walk through Foreman punches and overwhelmed his opponent.

In the third round, Wolak nailed Foreman with vicious body shots before going to the head as Foreman looked simply overwhelmed. This continued in the fourth round as the best combination was a five punch combination that stunned Foreman and Foreman didn’t seem capable of getting Wolak respect. The fifth round merely was a repeat of the fourth round as Foreman was taking punishment without countering.

Wolak came out in the sixth round with the idea of finishing the fight and he continued to pound Foreman, who still could not find any solutions to the shellacking he was receiving. Foreman walked back to his corner exhausted and when the bell ranged for the seventh round, Foreman stayed on his stool, a defeated fighter. Wolak took his will away with a devastating attack. Foreman showed that maybe the time has come to reconsider his career as he suffered his second brutal lost in a row.

The evening belonged to Cotto as he defeated a game and rugged Mayorga. As for Mayorga, he is still an entertaining fighter but at 38, he saw his last big fight under the lights.