Cam Newton

By Eric D.Graham
Updated: March 11, 2011

I have told you a million times, I do not exaggerate.’-Woody Paige, sports columnist Denver Post

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)-There is a new scapegoat in America.

A new media “whipping boy.”

Sorry Michael Vick, you have been replaced.

There is a new football fall guy.

And I’m not talking about Charlie Sheen, who claims to have Tiger blood flowing in his veins.

The new person in the blame-game and finger-pointing business is Auburn University’s Cam Newton, who actually does have a little Tiger in his blood.

Unfortunately, this Herculean hero and 2011 Heisman trophy winner is still haunted by the press for the “play for pay scandal” which involved his father Cecil Newton as he prepares for a professional career in the NFL.

As a result, he is still considered a championship charlatan and rip-off artist amongst many college football fans and analysts despite his sensational college season in which he scored 51 touchdowns and gained 4,321 yards of total offense.

For this reason, many sports writers have labeled him the new O.J. Simpson.

I hate to invoke the name…but I’m going to because it has extremely negative condensation today and that’s O.J.Simpson.” said ESPN sports analyst Skip Bayless of the sports program 1st and Ten.

“He (Cam Newton) struck me as the most charismatic sports star since O.J.Simpson. I am older enough to remember O.J. when he was the number one pitchman in America…” Bayless confessed.

“What a great-looking guy, great smile, infectious personality…that demeanor is Newton all over again.”

Yes, now, Newton’s name is mentioned in the same sentence with O.J.Simpson.

Unfortunately with the Simpson comparison, in every interview and press conference Newton attends, it shamefully seems, as if he is treated like a criminal rather than a highly-acclaimed Heisman trophy winner.

And to be honest, Newton is still on trial.

Because his press conferences have been turned into courtrooms, as he gets cross-examined by a roomful of reports, and symbolically asked to put his right hand on the Bible and swear to “tell the truth and nothing but the truth,” every time he walks up to a microphone.

“If I can’t trust you broke, I can’t trust you with a million dollars…” said Sterling Sharpe of the NFL Network.

As a result, during the recent NFL Combine, reporters regurgitate the same questions over and over again, badgering the beautiful brown-skin, baby-face baller hoping he would lose his composure and catch him lying under oath.

“Did Auburn pay you?”

“Did you father tell you about the money from Mississippi State?

“Did you steal that laptop?”

“Did you cheat on your exams in Florida?”

While answering reporters’ questions, Newton usually remains calm, but he often speaks in third person which annoys most people.

“Cam Newton does not lie.”

“Cam Newton loves his father.”

“Cam Newton is blessed.”

But according to Jean-Paul Sarte, “Words are loaded pistols.”

Therefore, I guess Newton shot himself in the foot when he mentioned that he wanted “to be an icon and entertainer” after signing a $1 millon marketing deal with Under Armour, a sports apparel and shoe company earlier during the week.

That “I want to be an icon and entertainer remark” like the hated Miami Heat Lebron James’ “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach” comment, made Newton seem a bit narcissistic and cocky, which upset a few sarcastic sports fan.

One sports writer (Eric Graham of the Black Athlete Sports Network) even suggested after hearing Newton’s remarks that he should produce a fragrance or cologne like Michael Jordan or Derrick Jeter, and call it “Arrogance,” with the catch phrase…Smell like a Champion.

In Cam’s defense, however, he has to be a little cocky to play quarterback in the NFL.

But oddly, sometimes confidence is confused for arrogance in the world of sports, especially when it comes from a Black athlete.

But Newton walks in the same arrogant path that Michael Jordan did, Muhammad Ali did, Ray Lewis does and Kobe Bryant possess.

This overconfidence may offend many people but it wins championships.

And without a question, Newton is a winner.

He won a National Junior College Championship at Blinn College in Texas.

And a BCS National Championship at the University of Auburn the following year.

So despite, all the scrutiny coming from couch-potatoes, fantasy football owners, arm-chair quarterbacks and out of shape sports writers, who question Newton’s throwing accuracy and character off the field, when he gets drafted in the NFL, the team that selects him will be “winning” as Charlie Sheen says.

Case closed.

No more questions.