Bute wins and so does Vitali

By Tom Donelson
Updated: March 20, 2011

Lucian Bute

Lucian Bute

IOWA CITY, IOWA—Lucian Bute faced Brian Magee for Bute’s Super Middleweight title. In a division dominated by Super Six tournament which concludes this year, Bute have quietly been making his case that he is the best Super Middleweight and there is no doubt that the winner of the Super Six will be match against Bute. (That is providing Bute stay undefeated for the next year.)

Magee goal was to move inside to unleash body shots to slow down and managed to survive the first round as neither fighter managed to land any solid blows. In the second round, Magee started to move a little inside to make the fight a little more ugly affair while Bute jabbed but not as accurate as in past fights. With 45 seconds left, Bute nailed Magee with a body shot for the best punch of the round.

In the third round, Magee managed to sneak a couple of accurate of lefts in a round that Bute managed to land some solid blows including a couple of solid lefts of his own. Bute landed the right hand hooks in the fourth round as the Showtime team observed that his success with the hook may be simply he was fighting another southpaw. Magee managed to land some body shots and added some head shots but Bute managed to land a couple of effective uppercuts near the end of the rounds.

In the fifth round, Magee was successful with body shots and left hands over Bute’s right hand but Bute threw the more accurate punches including his own body shots. With a minute left, a Bute right hand hook sent Magee down for a flash knockdown and down the stretch of the round, Bute put together some combinatons.

In the sixth round, Bute started to take command of the fight as vicious body shot sent Magee down twice but the first one was called a low blow but replays showed that Bute should have been credited with two knock downs.

Magee came out for the next round with his mouth open but he continued the press action despite being down officially twice. Bute pot shot his opponent as he moved away from his opponent but Magee actually connected on enough punch but at the end of round, Bute nailed Magee with two vicious body shots.

In the nineth round, Bute was efficient with his punches as he was content to move outside and throw combinations. It was as if Bute decided to rest throughout the round and Magee had a better round as he connected on a some solid body shots.

In the tenth round, Bute continued his assault on Magee body and with minute left in the round, Bute unleashed a left uppercut shot that sent Magee down for good as the referee stepped in. Bute showed once again that he just might be best Super Middleweight and over the past two years, he has improved as he added a solid right hand hook to his arsenal but what makes Bute a great fighter is his ability to hurt opponents with body shots. He combines great jabs, straight lefts and now added body shots.

For a brief moment, Odlanier Solis fought a competitive fight as he threw punches in the first minute and nailed Vitali Klitschko with a right hand. This was followed by combination as Solis showed off his hand speed.

Vitali continued his jab and pressured the Cuban challenger before the throwing a right that sent Solis down. The punch landed on top of Solis’s head and Solis could not beat the count as Solis clutched his right leg. Klitschko looked disappointed that Solis couldn’t beat the count and even accused his opponent of quiting.

Solis was suppose to challenge Klitschko and some pundits wrote that he could or should defeat Vitali. For one minute, he may have given hope to those pundits or until the first solid right connected. The heavyweight division belongs to the Klitschko brothers.

Friday night, it looked like something out of 90’s, the 1990’s that is. Oliver McCall fought Cedric Boswell in a battle of post 40 years old. McCall was a regular heavyweight contender nearly 20 years ago and even upset Lennox Lewis for Lewis’ WBC title in 1994. At the age of 45, there are no more dreams of heavyweight title for McCall nor for Boswell, whose own dreams of heavyweight was derailed by Jameel McCline eight years ago.

As for the fight itself, McCall lost an unanimous decision to Boswell in a fight that won’t have anyone screaming rematch. For both men, there will be other fights but all they are doing is keeping their career going with no hope of ever fighting for a title.