By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 2, 2011

Oakland CA.—The Date March, 2011, the baseball season is a month away. Commissioner Bug Selig and Major League Baseball has not made a statement or explanation as pertaining to their All Star Game festival in the State of Arizona. A state that will discriminate, if said person is a Latino or Spanish male or female. Local and State police can and will arrest said person because the police officer may think that said person looks like an undocumented citizen.

MLB currently has close to 30% Latin or Spanish players. Could MLB be waiting for one of their players to be placed in jail before speaking out against this horrible law.

This article was written last year with updates and editions BASN publishes it again before the start of the Baseball season

The time has come for African Americans and other minorities to support our Latino-Spanish brothers and sisters in the State ofArizona. Minorities have to make this political statement for racial unity and peace. Somehow some government officials in the State of Arizona do not agree.

Last year the governor of Arizona and its state legislators passed an immigrant bill — Senate Bill 1070 — that would make it a crime to be an undocumented immigrant living in the state. There are already federal laws and statutes that cover this growing issue. Governor Brewer saw fit to bypass these Federal laws

Governor Jan Brewer passed this law permitting state and local police offices to stop anybody of Latino-Spanish decent or anyone that might look like an undocumented resident.

Does this law apply to European undocumented residents and will the Arizona Law enforcement agencies actively seek out these individuals?

This is shameful racial profiling legislation and the state ofArizona should rescind this law immediately. A year later they have not. The question should be asked, how would the Arizonapolice force distinguish between racial profiling and enforcing this new law? Many Latino police officers have resigned from the police force because they cannot enforce this law.

There are other ways of detaining undocumented immigrant workers.

This new legislation requires every individual including American born residents of Arizona to carry their papers, drivers’ license, and social security cards. How many American citizens carry their papers everyday?

It is time for a national boycott of the State of Arizona, the state that refused to observe the National Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday until major companies started pulling out of Arizona. The National Football League struck a major blow with removing the multi-million dollar Super Bowl in Arizona.

American citizens should not buy air line tickets from Southwest Airlines which is based in Arizona and explain to the company why you are doing so. Do not attend Arizona Cardinal Football games, Phoenix Coyote hockey games, Arizona Diamondback baseball games, or Phoenix Suns basketball games. Make a financial statement and write a letter to the Arizona Senate, House, and Governor.

Ask your employers to book vacations, conventions, or stay at hotels or motels in another state; do not send your children to their State schools like the University of Arizona Wildcats or Arizona State University Sun Devils.

A financial and political boycott of Arizona is the only political tool the American public has to repeal this law. This is a civil rights violation and a human rights issue and should be handled in a human and sensitive way unlike what Governor Brewer proposed last year.

This law might make it more difficult for the Arizona police forces to enforce or investigate a crime in their state. Latino-Hispanic residents will not report crimes or assist the police for fear of being arrested and deported.

This law erodes the trust between the police force and the Latino-Spanish community. It has been reported by CBS News that there are an estimated 460,000 undocumented Spanish speaking residents currently living in the state of Arizona.

Madam Governor, how do you plan to deport all of them and where are you going to get the funds to execute this order?


The Phoenix Suns wore jerseys with ‘Los Suns’ meaning the Suns in Spanish for last year’s Cinco de Mayo,(the fifth of May) a national Mexican holiday. The real Spanish translation is “Los Sol”. It was the thought that counted.

It was this team’s silent protest against the new 1070 Arizona Immigration Law.

Phoenix Guard Steve Nash made it known that he and his teammates were not in favor of this new Arizona law. This conundrum is beginning to look like the new American Civil War.

Their playoff opponent, the San Antonio Spurs wanted to join the party with proposing to wear the name Los Spurs on their jerseys. It did not happen because the league office stated the request was too late.

This issue of undocumented residents has become a state rights issue. It’s something the Republican Party loves to advocate and is a constant provocateur of states rights every chance they get and has done so for the past 30 years.

A few southern states Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, andFlorida backed the Arizona immigration law. They wrote similar immigration laws in their states, while northern states are fiercely against it and are trying to dismantle these laws. This year these states will start implementing undocumented resident laws in their states.

North against South does this sound familiar. States rights happened to be the major issue during the American Civil War in the 1800′s.

The Republican Party is staging a pre-emptive strike to get immigration laws passed by this Supreme Court. With the help of the two Bush presidencies and their court appointees Souter, Alito, Roberts, and Thomas, the Four Musketeers will make it possible.

When this issue is viewed from a historical prospective it becomes eerie.

Let’s take this one step further

President Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president and President Barack Obama is the 44th president. Both men are from the same Midwest state of Illinois.

President Lincoln did not receive votes from southern states, while President Obama does not have friends in the South either.

President Lincoln’s vice president, Andrew Johnson was from the Confederate state of Tennessee. President Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden is from the state of Delaware.

Delaware was a border state during the Civil War and is below the old Mason-Dixon Line. President Lincoln led a divided country and now President Obama currently leads a divided and economically broken country.

If this political rankle continues, liberal Northern Californiacurrently strongly against the Arizona law will split with conservative Southern California which supports the law.

The result could be two California‘s, if this bickering continues. Some Southern states could secede from the United States just as South Carolina and other Southern States did at the beginning of the Civil War.

The probability of this happening is real. This is a hot button issues for most Republicans and Southern Americans.

Remember 160 years ago Northern states fought Southern states each other over the issue of slavery and free trade.

It is beginning to look like it will happen all over again with the issue of undocumented aliens.

There are other issues

1. Will states rights override federal law? This is the questionArizona has awakened.

2. This attempt at States rights by Arizona could lead to other political conflicts in this country.

3. Could Arizona wage war against Mexico or any other nation under states rights?

4. Could states pass racial profiling laws so police can legally detain African Americans, Arab Americans, or Asian Americans?

Remember most Americans outside of either coast can rarely determine the nationality of Asians. This would create the political and social atmosphere of more racially motivated attacks like Chinese American Vincent Chinn, who attackers killed him thinking he was Japanese.

He was attacked and killed because of the Japanese Auto industry made cheaper fuel efficient cars. These young men should have taken their anger out on American Car Companies, not Vincent Chin.

A year ago a South Bay Area High School, Morgan Hill, Live Oak High in San Jose had issues with students respecting each others cultures. Two white athletes came to school dressed in the American Flag clothing on Cinco de Mayo Day. The Latino-American Vice Principal told the students to turn their shirts inside out for the day.

The young men refused and they were expelled. Many Latino Students were wearing Red, Green, and White the national colors of Mexico.

Creating a firestorm in the high school, the young men were joined by other athletes the next day. The Latino student population walked out of school in silent protest. This has created racial strife which was a limited problem before. These two young men did this provocative act to get attention. These young men also showed the lack of respect for other nationalities. This is what the State of Arizona has created.

Law abiding Latino and Spanish American individuals now have new fears not only from police officers but from other Americans that might confront them because they have brown skin and speak Spanish.

President Obama has tried to stop this sectional legal battle but it has become a national states rights battle.

Major League Baseball will still hold their annual All-Star Festival in the state of Arizona. Some are asking why?

PART III Many Americans want the Baseball All Star Game to be moved out of the Grand Canyon State. The following letter by the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr. expresses the feeling and emotions of many minority Americans.

This letter was sent May 3, 2010 to MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig:

Dear Bud,

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition appeals to Major League Baseball to take a public stand against the recently passed Arizona immigration law. We also urge you to move the scheduled 2011 All-Star game from Diamondback Stadium in Arizona unless this law is repealed.

America‘s democracy is based on the values of freedom and equality — a level playing field for all of it’s people. The passage of the Arizona immigration law is an affront to these principles, representing the most divisive and polarizing approach to immigration reform. It is morally reprehensible and will be challenged as unconstitutional in the courts. This law — and the social “movement” that has inspired it – will have a negative impact on all of America‘s people.

Major League Baseball is truly an international sport. Well over 25% of MLB players are of Latino descent, and players, coaches, managers, and staff come from many countries other than the United States. From Jackie Robinson’s breakthrough moment in 1947 to today, they make major league baseball one of the world’s most popular sports. They come here legally, documented, with the single goal of showcasing their skills and contributing to the growth and success of Major League Baseball. They should not be subjected to humiliating and illegal harassment.

The Arizona law will have a devastating impact on the integrity and public image of Major League Baseball. Imagine if players or their families are stopped and interrogated by law enforcement – not just during all-star week, but during any games – spring training (where half of the teams locate in Arizona) and regular season – played in Arizona. That would truly be a dark day for Major League Baseball.

We urge MLB to take all necessary measures to protect the rights and interests of your players, coaches, staff and their families.

Sincerely, Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. President and Founder/Rainbow PUSH Coalition Twenty years ago, the state of Arizona did not acknowledge or celebrate the National Holiday of Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. This was an act of defiance by this politically conservative state just like the passage of the new immigration law. Twenty years ago this act was a political slap in the face of Arizona’s African American residents. The National Football League took notice and moved the Super Bowl from Arizona toSouthern California. Once again this year the state of Arizona smacks the face of another minority resident. The Arizona police forces in the state now have the right to detain anybody they perceive to be an undocumented resident. How can this law be enforced without racial profiling?

Major League Baseball has to step up to the plate and make the correct political statement. The current silence by the baseball commissioner is deafening. Every year MLB honors Jackie Robinson celebrating this historical day with every player wearing the number 42. Robinson broke baseball color barrier 60 years ago. Major League Baseball currently employees 30% Latino players, how are these players reacting to MOB silence?

The Cactus League started in March. How are the baseball executives going to deal with this law hovering over their Latino players?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer responded last year to this new political ground swell:

“Urging Major League Baseball to take away next year’s All-Star Game from Phoenix is the wrong play. InArizona, both proponents and opponents of Senate Bill 1070 have stated that economic boycotts are an inappropriate and misguided response to an issue that is clearly worthy of proper public debate and discourse. Put simply, history shows that boycotts backfire and harm innocent people. Boycotts are just more politics and manipulation by out-of-state interests. As a border state, Arizona has already paid a heavy price for the federal government’s failure — hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in unreimbursed costs — and its citizens should not be punished further.” Governor Brewer was not a great history student. Maybe she has forgotten or does not remember about the effectiveness of the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955. It made the bus company drop its segregated setting on the bus.

Maybe it just slipped her mind about the American Football League boycott and protest of their All Star Game in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1964. Moving the game to the Houston Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

What about the late 70′s Coke-Cola Boycott by African Americans. The Coke Cola company did not have a Black executive. Within three months the Coke Cola Company named Philadelphia Seventy-Sixer basketball star Julius Erving theirNorthern Virginia representative. Maybe Madam Governor cannot remember the Middle East oil embargo and boycott of the 1970′s. Ms Brewer, do you remember the National Football League changing their venue of the 1990 Super Bowl out of your own state 20 years ago. All of these actions changed the political landscape of the United States. Maybe Governor Brewer will get an up-close and personal experience with an Arizona Boycott in 2011. She will not forget this one because it will affect her personally.


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer went one step further last year signing State Senate Bill HB 2281 eliminating Ethnic Studies in high schools, specifically Latino-Mexican American Studies.

She stated that these classes unfairly demeans white American culture and promotes ethnic chauvinism. Wait a second, is this not what other minorities in the United States had to deal with in American schools in silence the last 300 years.

In the Constitution of the United States of America

AMENDMENT XIV- Civil Rights states

‘Section 1. All Persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.’

The state of Arizona will be defying Amendment XIV of the U.S. Constitution when they arrest a naturalized Latino-Spanish American in 2011 under the new 1070 immigration law.

In February of 2011, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title game was played in Glendale, Arizona at the University ofPhoenix Stadium. There is a question whether this southwest border state deserved the profits from this game?

Arizona politicians were rewarded for writing laws that racially profile certain groups? The residents of Arizona profited from the hard work of minority residents in the Grand Canyon State?

The Insight Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe on December 31, 2010 ended the pre BCS Bowls on New Years Eve. This game was free television advertising for tourism in the southwest state.

The State of Arizona financially gained profits from the misfortunes of individuals that have supported the state with their manual labor? Every advertiser that supported this game inArizona should feel the economic fury from sports fans by not buying their products.

On January 2011 another bowl game was played in the state ofArizona.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, in Glendale began the yearly BCS Bowl Championship Series, in 2011. It would have been wonderful to see an empty stadium with only the football players, coaches, and officials on the field.

The Pac-10 Conference has two members in the State of Arizona– The University of Arizona Wildcats and Arizona State University Sun Devils. Should the other members of the Pac-10 boycott their games?

What about boycotting other Arizona schools like SouthwesternCollege, Northern Arizona, Arizona Western College, EasternArizona College, and Central Arizona College.

Should they also be picketed?

There are 280 schools of higher learning in this state, should they also be on the list? This list below show the profits made after bowl games and why the state of Arizona should not share in these profits.

Here are the BCS bowl profits and averages per team for the last two years.

They’re what my BASN colleagues call the “Five Familys”.


2007-08: Profit — $19,263,649, Average/Team – $1.6 Million

2008-09: Profit — $18,765,375, Average/Team – $1.56 Million

Big East

2007-08: Profit — $14,197,021, Average/Team – $1.77 Million

2008-09: Profit — $15,526,656, Average/Team – $1.94 Million

Big Ten

2007-08: Profit — $24,394,305, Average/Team – $2.2 Million

2008-09: Profit — $23,846,330, Average/Team – $2.17 Million

Big 12

2007-08: Profit — $21,706,427, Average/Team – $1.81 Million

2008-09: Profit — $22,521,061, Average/Team – $1.88 Million


2007-08: Profit — $17,647,012, Average/Team – $1.76 Million

2008-09: Profit — $18,766,786, Average/Team – $1.88 Million


2007-08: Profit — $28,991,720, Average/Team – $2.42 Million

2008-09: Profit — $28, 362,667, Average/Team – $2.36 Million

The 2009-2010 profits will be reviled in August 2011.

the Question should be asked

Should these Arizona schools and the state be entitled to Pac-10′s BCS profits if they continue to violate their own state’s citizens Civil Rights?

If the state of Arizona recieves Federal funding, the city, county, or state cannot discrimate. The state of Arizona will violate this law if they arrest any person of Latino or Spanish desent that may have citizens papers.

The 1070 Immigaration Law leaves the legal door wide open for abuse and misuse.