Three prospects

By Tom Donelson
Updated: February 20, 2011

IOWA CITY, IOWA—This past Friday night, the ESPN featured three prospects who did what they were suppose to do, win impressively.

Shawn Porter came into the fight with seventeen straight victories and came out with eighteen straight. The pattern was set in the first round as Porter boxed and shuffled side to side before occasionally moved forward with sharp combinations. It became obvious Porter had the quicker hands and superior skills but veteran Anges Abjahe occasionally could score sharp rights perfectly timed.

In the second round, Porter showed his skills which included a beautiful placed right hand upper cut that sent Abjahe head snapping back. Abjahe seemed a step behind and while he moved forward throughout the bout, he was outworked.

In the fourth round, Abjahe had his best round as he successfully time his right hand twice over Porter left jab. As Porter moved forward and jabbed, Abjahe jumped on him with a quick right hand before moving ahead with another combinations.

Porter gained back the momentum as he boxed beautifully in the fifth and sixth round but in the seventh round, he made one big mistake. Porter lunged to throw a combination and this left him open to a Abjahe right that nailed Porter directly.

Porter coasted home after the seventh round to an easy victory. Porter showed skill and easily dominated most of the fight but on occasional, he got nailed with right hand. He did not show big power as Abjahe never seem to be in troubled.

In next bout, the 19 year old Dominic Wade took his nine fight winning streak against the undefeated Grover Young. This fight was similar to the other bouts as Wade simply used his superior skills and out boxed his opponent. From the opening bell to the closing bell, Wade nailed Young with combinations and before going out in the final round, Wade’s corner told him, “Knock the guy out.” Wade did everything he could, including a using a forearm; something that the referee stated was a no-no. Wade did not get his knockout but he did win every round from all three judges.

In the main event, Fernando Guerrero put his twenty victory win streak on the line as he faced the rugged Derrick Findley. Findley attack but he was nailed consistently by Guerrero combinations. For every punch Findley threw, two came back at him as Guerrero threw effective jab-straight left from his southpaw.

The fight could be summarized with a slow motion shot in the second round in which Guerrero nailed Findley with jab followed by left that sent Findley head spinning. From the first round to the final bell, there was very little excitement. From the sixth round, Findley covered up more than he attempted to punch and Guerrero averaged a 100 punch per round while treating Findley like a punching bag.

Guerrero essentially took the excitement out of the fight from the beginning as he simply moved and shuffled side to side before unleashing combinations without getting hit back. He rarely got trapped on the rope but when Findley did have Guerrero on the rope, he simply got countered.

Guerrero showed that he is a top prospect and ready to move up to better competition. He showed patience and demonstrated coolness in the ring while easily beating Findley.

Porter, Guerrero and Wade did what they were supposed to do, win impressively against inferior opponent.