The Not Yet Jets

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 3, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Everybody is still in a New York state of mind despite the New York Jets not making the Super Bowl.

We, as football fans, followed the Jets from the beginning of training camp during their “Hard Knocks” HBO mini-series, where we tried to overlook all of the R-rated language spilling out of Rex Ryan’s mouth.

Despite the cursing controversy, we still cheered for the Jets. Even with a hangover, as we re-read the headlines about WR Braylon Edwards getting arrested for driving under the influence, we cheered for the Jets.

Even during the drawn out Darrelle Revis’ contract dispute, we still cheered for the Jets.

Even when we listened in limbo with disappointment as Antonio Cromartie struggled to name all of his nine children by eight different women, we still cheered for the Jets.

Even when we shamefully poked fun at pictures of Brett Favre’s alleged penis during his sex scandal involving a former female Jet employer, we still cheered for the Jets.

Even when we questioned whether Spanish-sports reporter Inez Sainz’s jeans were too tight to be worn in a NFL locker room, we still cheered for the Jets.

Even when we tripped out when we saw former strength coach Sal Alosi intentionally trip Nolan Carroll of the Miami Dolphins, we still cheered for the Jets.

Even when we were freaked out by Coach Ryan’s freaky foot fetish while wincing as QB Mark Sanchez wiped his snotty boogers on teammate Mark Brunell’s jacket, we still cheered for the Jets.

Yes, despite all of these detractions, we still cheered the JETS.

Even when their high-flying Jet plane seemed to crash in Heinz Field in the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers, we still cheered the Jets!

Now, Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens want to co- pilot the plane next year along with Plaxico Burress, who will be getting out of jail soon.

Only in New York , can you have so many stories with so many different angles to cover.

But yet, we still cheer for the J-E-T-S……JETS! JETS! JETS!