Straight No Chaser: No docile Negros

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: February 17, 2011

DENVER (BASN) — I thought it best to wait . . . for the dust to settle a bit surrounding the NFL’s latest Hall of Fame inductees to examine ‘why” there was such unspoken and somewhat unusual tension in the “air” this time around.

An aging, conservative vastly all White guy sports press seemed reluctant and unwilling to give credit where credit was unquestionably earned.

Two of the 2011 NFL Shrine Of Immortality headliners, Deion Sanders and Shannon Sharpe are both cut in the somewhat same cloth; Controversial, i.e. , uppity niggers – boisterous, flamboyant, assertive, brash, direct and defiant. Alpha-male “Showmen” whose manner and style historically, traditionally rubbed the vast majority of mainstream USA the wrong way.”

Think how America rejected Little Richard, Jackie Wilson and James Brown but adopted the dude trying to be a dude . . . Elvis. Being blunt, speaking ones mind, letting one’s light shine , marching to the beat of your own drummer, expressing one’s self is something this society desires folks of color not to do.

Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson, George Foreman and . . . O.J. Simpson stand as the original preferred “model Negros” which White America is most comfortable with. Chocolate versions of the bland Puritan role models of a anal retentive WASP society of yesteryear, the Good old days, “Happy Days.” Gladiators who never spoke their minds about anything relevant in or outside of sports.

You and I both know; there’s a company line, and a line I’m not suppose to cross – I’m not to mention the obvious tension which stalked this whole episode of the male soap opera which is the NFL, nor should I discuss the controversy surrounding these two “Alpha males” is derived from the cultural conflicts embedded within US society – the cultural war which can’t be swept under the rug.

White is right, yellow is mellow, brown can stick around . . . but Black had better get back!

Houston . . . we’ve got a goddamn problem; White America, that 75% of the Republican Tea Party which believes, or at least contends the President is an alien from Muslim-land. . . . translation . . . thank God I speak Red-necklish; at the end of the day, 3 out of four Euro-Americans, the ones flying Ol’ Glory on their lawn mower tractors and bar-b-q pits. Giant American Eagles painted on their tough sheds . . . these “real Americans,” Patriots are not too different then their parents and grand parents . . . they too do not like Black People.

End of story.

This society wide ‘disdain” for “uppity Niggers” within the sports world can be traced back to Boxing icon Jack Johnson . . . the first Afro-American gladiator of the 20th century who ignored the instructions his, let’s say “informal masters”, i.e., White society, mainstream USA which mandated all Negroes be “seldom seen and hardly ever heard,” and that all Blacks play the subservient Step’ n’ Fetch’ it minstrel role . . . strive to make White folks feel superior “at ease” stroke the egotistic egos, stoke the fears of our former oppressors.

In a Walnut shell; kiss the asses of white folks . . .

Please, let us all not wander away from the obvious fact a giant slice of the contemporary American Pie, I’ll guesstimate roughly 75% of White America – longs for “the good ole days” when Black folks knew their place.

And this is critical; a place we were kept in because cold blooded White folks . . . were cold blooded, and far too many of the good ones were weak and silent . . . not having the inclination to cause waves, refusing to take a stand.

The Reagan Revolution, now exemplified by this new Republican Tea Party can’t mask the truth, there’s still that deep, deep yearning for Blacks, Latinos, actually all Americans-of-Color to mindlessly, blindly . . . willingly adhere to the lingering 18th century whims, paranoia-based fears and insecurities of what is now a Sarah Palin type Redneck culture – dominated and predominated by White men plagued with both “Selective Amnesia” and “Little Penis Syndrome.”

There’s no denying it; millions upon millions of US sportsfans, who, when watching football, they see the NFL as the “grandest plantation in my county against the biggest Plantation in my brother-in-laws county.”

The NFL is nothing more then the Roman Coliseum – a few decedents of who were once considered “White Trash” – the one-time lower then Niggers indentured Irishmen, German, Italians and poles, mixed-in with a ton of Black Mandingo savages – all well paid 21st century gladiators who entertain the aristocrats, the vastly all White male privileged investor class seated in the arena balconies and penthouses.

That’s the goddamn truth – It’s irrelevant what the transparent sports-world company line is – and with that on the table; it’s the confidence, the swagger, the defiant attitude, along with the style, taste, feel and flair of men like Sanders and Sharpe, it is that “Alpha Male” element which to this day, even in their roles as NFL analysts, they irritate White men.

It’s got something to do with that Richard Pryor line about talking s-h-i-t to somebody while you kick their ass. It adds insult to injury. And to complicate matters – the White males who comprise the “entrenched establishment” their history and legacy is one which can be defined in one word; “bully.”

No one, and I mean “no one” walks around watching his back, imagining the enemy behind every rock and stone . . . like an exposed bully.

This nation’s fading Euro majority has a history of “bulling” poor people, women and all folks of-Color, and now they live in fear.

Oh come on! For a country which appears to be preoccupied with “how n’ why” bulling is a staple of American Culture . . . it’s no bleeping wonder – look at the story of the US of A. Take a long gander at “how” the land and resources were accumulated – with a bible in one hand, a bottle of firewater in the other . . . and a gun in the “pioneers” back pocket.

And Why? Well because “explores and settlers” wanted to. Because they could, because they didn’t respect human life – magnify that hatred a million times if the life in question was of a darker skin tone. Instead, humans-of-color were deemed “expendable,” non-valuable and worthless beyond their physical labor contributions.

Here, let me get back to the wide world of sports – for the 999th time. . . This nation prefers it’s Negroes quite and humble, an animal on the field, a dumb-ass farm animal off the field.

The model was Joe Louis, who was instructed, directly and indirectly, formally and informally, officially and unofficially . . . “Boy, if you do half the crap Jack Johnson did . . . if you conduct yourself like a man . . .” A man blind to the wishes and insecurities of White America – you won’t have a boxing career..

Hell, Joe might not have had a life had he not played along with White folks.

Prime Time embodied the Hip-hop Black popular culture of his era – and that disgusted and inflamed sportsfans and writers – to the point it’s not a stretch to believe there are those who would have liked to have denied Sanders his just do – in order to punish him for not behaving in a form n’ fashion more acceptable and appropriate to White America.

Shannon Sharpe, being both sharp n’ blunt has earned a reputation as an opinionated Black man; in other words – he’s a know everything loud mouth in the eye’s of so many.

So last fall when rumors circulated accusing him of domestic terrorism – recall the sports web-site’s message boards? As with any Ebony gladiator – the call was to hang him, shoot him, lynch him . . . on the spot, without a judge or jury – because he was a arrogant, pompous jackass who deserved it.and probably did it.

All charges were dropped, declared unfounded. . . .

There’s a deeply rooted hatred embedded in America, a anti-Black mentality which has gone from overt oppression and bondage, to today’s over-the-top discrimination and persecution. If it were not for the rule-of-law half-assedly ruling the land . . . men like Sharpe and Sanders might not have been permitted to participate in the sport of football – merely because some did not like their walk nor talk.

Weigh n’ measure this observation; President Obama is the screen-saver you want; a guy who improvised, adapted and overcame a jig-saw puzzle of a life, attained academic accolades, donated his validated knowledge and expertise to the poor, became an lowly paid educator, a civil servant, a good husband and a loving father . . . and nonetheless White America just doesn’t trust him, can’t respect his accomplishments, nor feel comfortable with him at the helm of the USS United States Of America.

If Obama, Colin Powell . . . or Michael Steele can’t pacify and placate angry White people . . . then who can? Judge Thomas . . . the magical twistin’ n’ contorting Uncle Tom?

White men like “their Blacks” humble, docile, unassuming . . . what’s that say about them?