Straight No Chaser: Crazy Eights

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: February 9, 2011

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“Radio host Rush Limbaugh converted the private wine room at Nick & Sam’s steakhouse into a “private ESPN Zone to entertain about 50 people.” The floor was “changed to green and yard line markers were added.” NBC’s Al Michaels “gave a pre-dinner talk to the group that included some of Rush’s big sponsors,” and Pro Football HOFer Michael Irvin “gave the after-dinner chat.”

— From various news reports.

DENVER (BASN) — Well, hush my mouth, and slap the Black off me.

I didn’t know Michael Irvin was a cotton pickin Negro with a price-tag on his head – one willing to tap-dance, in top-hat, cane n’ white gloves – for an audience of arrogant aristocrats convened by one of the racist, sexist and elitist hate mongers in these alleged United States of America.

Dumb-ass jocks . . . . Recall Tom Jackson asked Irvin, while on the air live, at ESPN a few years back “are you retarded?”

One could make the case Irvin’s more mixed-up then a feather in a tornado; Mike’s life outside of the hash-marks of the gridiron . . . this brother’s elevator did not go to the top – his intellectual capabilities, his apparent lack of common sense and his obvious 7th grade academic attainment are surely personal failures open for examination and debate.

But Mike’s not alone.

Last week on his daily globally syndicated cross burning event called a radio show – Rush Limbaugh, the infamous and widely despised hate monger was breaking bread with Ken Hutcherson, former NFL linebacker – the pro-family pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Wash., who officiated at the conservative radio icon’s fourth wedding . . . and Limbaugh’s present day official Negro boot-licker . . . their on-air buddy/buddy conversation left me mystified and distressed as to how any American . . . of-color could chew-the-fat with a man who has hurled the insults Rush has.

Can you say “Benedict Arnold?” Try “Step n’ fetch it” or perhaps “Rochester.” None are too over-the-top nor too-harsh for a couple of buffoons clearly guilty of “aiding and abetting” a man who considers Black and Brown people the official enemy of America?

What does Rush have to say to prompt men like Michael Irvin and Hutcherson to say enough is enough! And what won’t men of this ilk not say if the price is right? Talk about putting your momma on the corner for a few bucks . . . .

I’ve been down this road too many times as of late, attempting to point out that Grand Pooh-Pah Rush has on a see-thru White sheet , and if only half, even a third of the insulting quotes attributed to him on dozens of web sites are half-true . . . he’s still a certified card carrying small “k” Klansmen.

Now, before we peel another layer off this funky onion, note Irvin has stated, on his radio show last year the he knows “Limbaugh very well” and that “Rush doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.”

And back in 06 when Rush charged Donavon McNabb, along with the midget’s handful of Black NFL head coaches – were merely products of a “liberal”sports media – Irvin said Rush “had a point.”

What a crock! The sports press in America is not unlike any body of White men – anti Black, Anti-any Americans’-of-color, and anti any women with a mind and the heart to speak it.

And Irvin knows it. He’s seen them mount-up and chase him, lynch his black ass without a trail, without a jury of his peers present – Michael Irvin well understands the contempt and hostility the average sports reporter harbors for Ebony Gladiators.

Irvin’s was strong as an ox, and just about as smart, and perhaps now that his playing days are done – it seems he’s getting dumber.

I always thought No. 88 wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but if these words tumbled and fumbled out of his mouth . . . I no longer doubt his intelligence or character – I know Michael’s as sharp as a bowling ball, but I wasn’t sure he was an Uncle Tom.

Here’s a White man who gets a kick, a rush . . . out of referring to the President of the free world as a “man-child”, a “boy,” a “Magic Negro.” Rush well understands “how-to” insult, slight and demean a Black man, he comes from a Confederate family of lawyers who struggled to keep America separate and unequal.

Tell me, how can these men be oblivious to the fact Rush is pimping and exploiting their Black asses as human camouflage, in an effort to deflect the onslaught of mounting racism charges?

They must both be built too low. Rush’s fast ones go right over their heads. They must got holes in their gloves. Rush keeps pitchin’ ’em and these two clowns keep missin’ ’em!

Might Irvin be ignorant of exactly who n’ what Rush is?

Can he be so-very desperate for moo-lah – he’d “entertain” out -of-uniform Klansmen if the price is right. Might the years of cocaine/Maryjane and firewater and pain killers killed this brother’s perspective?

I’d venture to say Irvin has not a clue what Rush says everyday on his radio.

It would be appropriate , and it might commence snowing in Hell if . . . . NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith pulled Irvin aside and informed the former Dallas Cowboy play-maker he’s actually playing himself, while betraying millions of Americans-of-Color.

Despite these two minstrels knowing it or not, America is at war . . . not just in the Arabian Desert but also here at home, at war within, doing battle with itself. And the lines are drawn along color, class and gender.

Rush has told everybody who isn’t White, conservative, male and wealthy – you are the enemy – I’m gonna take him on his word and go with that – he’s said nor done anything to sway me off that perch.

With that noted – there should be, ought be, there’s reason to . . . Boycott any and everything associated with such a, yes, one more time for full effect, racist, sexist and highly elitist bastard as Limbaugh.