Raising Arizona for Seattle

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 2, 2011

SEATTLE (BASN) — The Seattle Sounders FC are currently in Cascade Grande, Arizona getting ready for the upcoming 2011 Major League Soccer season.

The weather in Arizona has been agreeable with them and there isn’t any lost time on the field. At the moment, a lot of new faces on the trip that I’ve never seen before with hopes of making the squad.

One of the things that I’ve learned about Coach Sigi Schmid last season is that if you put in the work and commit yourself to do what’s necessary to be successful, you will get the opportunity to be in the lineup.

The team took the field late Sunday afternoon for a light training session.

They began with some passing drills and ball work. After two games of four-on-four plus one neutral player, Coach Sigi Schmid split the group into three teams for several short-field games.

The eight-on-eight scrimmages were highlighted by goals by Mike Fucito and Michael Seamon. “The first day of training camp was good, stated Coach Schmid. “The first days are really trying to build fitness.”

“I thought the guys worked hard in the warm-up. It’s always much nicer to do fitness work with the ball than without the ball and the games were good. Four games at six minutes each, we started at six and a half and cut it to six. The effort was really, really good.”

The weight training is going to be serious this season because at times last year the Sounders were out muscled, pushed and shoved around. “We let Terry [Boss] take off his shirt when he goes into the weight room. That makes him feel really, really good. But it’s a mix of everything when you are trying to get stronger as a team.”

“In season, again, you can’t really build strength. You can build some strength in the offseason, which a lot of guys did, but you can also build a little bit of strength in preseason.”

“For us, our rhythm of training is sort of a two-two-one, always within the two-two there’s going to be a weight training session either one of those two days. It’s just a little alternative training and it also gets them off their feet. They don’t have the pounding this afternoon and then we can accomplish some things tomorrow.”

The Seattle Sounders FC are making the most of this special time together and will be ready for opening day, stronger and better than ever.